Home surveillance systems refer to network of cameras that are used to visually monitor a given area. Some manufacturers and security providers offer do-it-yourself versions that require limited technical knowledge to install. Standalone home surveillance systems are available online and at retail stores but the most readily available systems are offered by home security providers, like Protect America.

DIY Camera Monitor Systems at Home: An Overview

A DIY home camera monitor system is distinguished by the fact that users will be expected to install the system themselves. Though some manufacturers and security companies provide technical support, these services can vary wildly. Camera makers are generally hesitant to provide too much technical support, as these can dramatically increase cost. Certain home security providers, like Protect America, specialize in self-installed wireless home security solutions. These companies provide full support, including over-the-phone installation assistance, an installation manual, how-to DVDs, and a series of helpful YouTube videos. Installing a home camera system yourself can save hundreds in upfront costs.

Just to be clear, home security providers DO NOT monitor your live video feed. Some model video cameras can be programmed to record whenever movement is detected. Your personal video feed is protected and cannot be viewed by outside parties.

DIY House Security System Reviews

Reviews for DIY camera monitor systems are a little squirrely. Most reputable product review sites don’t bother with the home security industry because performance is often associated with support service. A few websites do offer reviews for home security systems, which can often include surveillance cameras, but this will vary from one site to another. A variety of outlets are available for surveillance camera system reviews but these will be limited to self-operated models that don’t support traditional security service.

Protect America DIY Home Surveillance Systems

Like many home security companies, Protect America offers home surveillance systems. Our security cameras, however, are installed by customers themselves. This step saves hundreds of dollars in activation and installation fees that other companies charge. Along with an interactive security camera, Protect America also gives you free interactive access that lets you view your live video feed from your smartphone or computer. Order a monitoring solution from Protect America and you’ll receive a free wireless home security system. Additional accessories, like surveillance systems, do cost extra, including additional access and connection fees.