Looking for a beautiful handmade card for Mother’s Day? In this post we will teach you to make your own paper for a lovely personal touch to your DIY cards. Let’s see what materials you will need!


Before we begin, you will want to gather the following materials in order to make your paper.

  • A blender

As for the blender, once you use it for paper-making it’s not a good idea to use it for making anything else. So if you use your blender a lot for cooking, juicing, or whatever, maybe purchasing another one at a thrift store or a yard sale would be good.

  • Water
  • Egg cartons or old newspapers
  • An empty picture frame
  • Food coloring, pressed flowers, glitter (optional, depending on how you want the paper to look and feel) Pressed flowers are beautiful and can be either made by pressing them in between wax paper and some heavy books for a day or two or you can purchase them already pressed and dried at the craft store.
  • 2 screens (you can use one from an old window or buy one at any hardware store)
  • A cutting board
  • A sponge
  • A spatula
  • Pens for decorating the card once the paper is finished!



First you want to set up a work station. Then take your newspaper or egg cartons and begin ripping them up into small pieces about a square inch or two large. Once you have torn an ample amount of old paper, place the pieces into the blender. Fill the blender with twice as much water as there is paper. More water is better than less water. 

You’ll want to use the “liquify” setting on the blender in order to get the mixture a thick soup consistency. Blend it until it looks smooth. At this point you can add food coloring or glitter to change the look. If you’re using dried pressed flower, wait until you pour the mixture out and them strategically place the flowers to your liking.iStock_000001030588_Large

Once you have blended the paper for long enough, you’ll prepare your screen. Place the screen over a sink or an area that can drain a lot of water. Place the empty picture frame over the screen, centered. You’ll then pour the blended paper over the screen but within the frame dimensions until the area is covered. Make sure it isn’t too thick, but also not too thin. Press the mixture down with the spatula and remove the frame. Then press the second screen over the mixture. Now use the sponge to remove excess liquid and continue to press the paper down. Place the two screens with the recycled paper in between it outside in the sun to dry for approximately 3 hours.

Now you can decorate and fold the paper appropriately for a beautiful Mother’s Day card!

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