With the spring season blossoming into effect, Mother’s Day is only a couple weeks away. If you’re looking for a fun activity to do with the kids or just because you want to have some flowers that last – this project is perfect for you! Personally, I have a very difficult time keeping any plant alive for more than a a few days. Either I’m over watering it or just completely forgetting to tend to it at all. This project is so easy! Here’s what you’ll need to begin:


– 1-2 packages (200-300 filters) of 8-12 cup coffee filters (grocery or dollar store)
– large bowl
– water
– dye of choice – coffee, food coloring, craft paint – (food coloring is best)
– 2 large cookie sheets
– an oven (or lots of time for the filters to dry)
– rubber gloves (optional)
– hot glue gun
– scissors


First take your coffee filters out of the plastic. Then get your water bowl and slowly add the color of your choice until you reach the desired pigment. Obviously, the more coloring will result in a darker color. You can opt to use gloves for this next part so as to not get the dye on your hands. Sometimes the dye won’t come off for a few days depending on the type of dye you choose. Divide the coffee filters and add them to the dye in bundles of 10 or 20 at a time. Let them soak completely. Then remove them and wring them out. Try to dry them off as much as possible. The coffee filters are very durable, especially in bunches.

Flatten them out on a cookie sheet in stacks of 5 or 10 in a stack. Bake the filters in the over for about 10 minutes on 245 degrees Fahrenheit. Sometimes I skip this step and let them air dry. You can do this also.

Once the filters are dyed and dry, you can cut them using a template like the one provided below. You can also cut them in a spiral-style then roll them up to create a rose effect. Be creative with the way you bunch them up! Then as you’re rolling or bunching them, be sure to add hot glue to the base of the flower. Add stems using other paper products if you wish or make them into a wreath. Any way you use these beautiful flowers will surely add some color to your environment! Fore more information on how to roll these flowers, check out this blog! And if you’re having a little bit of difficulty shaping your flowers, the lovely Martha Stewart has provided this online template specifically for coffee filter flowers!

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