Earlier this week, it was National Dog Day, and we were so happy to celebrate our furry best friends. While smiling at the adorable pictures that everyone was posting of their pets, we started thinking about how dogs might exist as part of a security system, since they are already so deeply integrated into our home.

National Dog Day


Some people might think that having a dog could be a substitute for a home security alarm system. We don’t believe this because it’s impossible for any creature to be as consistent and dependable as a monitored alarm system. It’s also so much responsibility to put on your pets! Alarms don’t fall asleep, leave the house, or go off so regularly you (and your neighbors) are desensitized to the sound.

Beware of Dog

The stereotype of the intimidating guard dog can still be effective to certain potential burglars and intruders. Having a sign in your yard might be effective towards warning off unprepared burglars afraid of dogs. Aggressive barking might also sound like too much of a risk for intruders who fear the attention of you or your neighbors. However, many burglars also know that dog barking can be a regular occurrence; neighbors are used to hearing it all the time, so it wouldn’t sound out of the ordinary—more of a nuisance than an alarm. They also know that few people keep aggressive animals around the house, and the dogs that yap the most are usually the least harmless. Dogs are simply unreliably threatening alarms.

Protecting Your Pets

Your pets deserve protection, too! If a burglar is warned that there is a dog guarding the house, what if they break in prepared to detain, hurt, or even kill your pet? Having a monitored home security system deters intruders from approaching your home, and it contacts you and authorities right away if anyone breaks into your home, even if you’re out of the house.

Monitored home security reliably and consistently protects you, your property, your family, and your pets. If you have any questions about pet safety or protecting your pet’s home, call Protect America today at 1-888-951-5136.