A key facet to securing your home is knowing how to address door jambs for every entryway. Securing your doors help keep potential intruders from the interior. Skimping on door jamb security could put your home, your belongings and your family at risk. Read on to learn how you can secure the doors in your home to provide your family with added protection.

“When one door opens, another one closes.”

Check Doors For Potential Security Issues

Before you can get to work in making repairs or changes to your doors, you need to know what they are lacking so you can tend to them without spending excessive amounts of money on tools or supplies. There are a few key areas to focus upon when evaluation door jamb security:

  • Visibility into Home
  • Stability of Door
  • Security Features

Each of these requires a complete assessment to ensure you make the right selection in enhancements to your doorways. You may need to make several fixes or changes, as most homes have several doors which creates many points of entry into your home.

Visibility into Home

If someone on the outside can see right through your door, you are putting everything on the inside of your home at risk. However, many people enjoy having doors that are constructed with glass panes, so they can increase the illumination into their home, or see the outside themselves. They are decorative as well. Because of this, it is important to have a plan in place to cover open panes when necessary.

Any time you plan to be away from home, the coverings need to go up. Purchase draperies, curtains, blinds, or shutters for this reason. Make sure they are not completely sheer. Another option is to use contact paper or frosting to alter panes of glass. These are sometimes permanent solutions if you want to change clear panes of glass for good.

Stability of Door

Steel or metal doors are extremely sturdy and work well at protecting what you have inside your home. Also high on the list are wood or fiberglass options. If you believe someone could kick your door inward, you need to be proactive and purchase a new one to protect your investment. The door you install not only needs to keep out intruders but needs to be tough enough to withstand unpredictable weather. This includes wind, rain, snow, and sun.

Luckily, there are several door types available to choose from and many of them are easy enough to install yourself with help from a partner. If you do not feel you can do this type of installation on your own, hire a contractor to do the job for you. Many door sales locations will direct you to reputable contractors in your area if requested.

A woman arrives home through the front door that has a silver August Smart Door Lock.

Security Features

Let’s face it, a door alone will not do enough to keep intruders from coming inside of your home. You need security features added to the door to accomplish this task completely.

This includes the locking mechanisms used on the door. Many people use a combination of traditional lock and deadbolt for added security.

Innovative devices like smart locks make securing your home’s doors easier. Certain brands, like the advanced August Smart Door Lock, are easy to install and have unique security features. This includes remote locking and unlocking from your phone, temporary keyless access for visitors and updates into who is entering or leaving your home.

Get Help As Necessary to Upgrade Doors

When it comes to making upgrades, you have a few options. Going to your local home repair retailer is one. They have many door options available and have the expertise to help you make a wise selection for your home. They can also help you source coverings for glass panes. For even more options, home goods stores have many lines of curtains, blinds, and other coverings.

For even more security, contact a locksmith who can provide you with mechanisms that help keep potential burglaries at bay.

A mother and her young daughter hold hands as they enter their home through the front door while the father carries their young son behind them.

Let Protect America Help Enhance Door Security

A strong door and a visit from a locksmith are great security measures you can take to protect your home. But if you want complete home protection that goes beyond door jamb security and monitors your entire home, then you need a security system.

Here at Protect America, we offer families award-winning home security equipment you can customize in your package to best fit the needs of your property. From motion detectors and indoor cameras to smoke alarms and medical alert pendants, we have the right piece of equipment for every family. What’s even better is our guided self-installation can be completed in less than an hour. Contact us today to learn more about how we can secure all points of your home.