One of the best ways to keep family, property, and possessions safe is by monitoring your home’s doors. Did you know that around 70% of home invaders gain access through a door? We’re talking about getting in through the front door, as well as a back, patio or even a garage door. Which is why it is imperative to keep these means of egress as iron-clad locked solid as you can. Since moats and draw-bridges, while quite cool, are not on most architects’ plans, what can you do to keep your space safe? Employ a door security system.


When a burglar picks a lock or climbs through an open window, door and window sensors sound the alarm—doing everything from emitting a loud siren to triggering your home security system to sending you an alert on your smart phone.

Door security systems often employ sensors, which can be used for both doors and windows, allowing you to monitor the safety of your home. Each company offers a product that has its own distinctive features. Some of these features include ease of installation, warranty, the type of alarm — and it depends on if you prefer an ear-piercing siren or a coordinated and monitored security system response, wireless/wired, the range of detection, compatibility with the security system, battery life, and cost. There is only individual preference. If it works for you, then by definition, it works for you. Ready to make your doors secure? You can acquire a door security system from home building suppliers, online retailers, or directly from the manufacturer such as Panasonic, Samsung, Elgato, or Protect America.

Did you know that Protect America was declared one of the top five self-install door sensors by Knowledge is power. Power is safety. 

Reasons to Utilize Door Sensors

  • Safety: A door sensor is one of the best means to keep your home, property, and loved ones secure.
  • Security: A door sensor gives not only a way to monitor the primary means of entry to your home, but it also gives you peace of mind.
  • Privacy: You can use door sensors to monitor the interior of your home. Use a door sensor around the liquor cabinet to keep small children safe. Use it in your study to safeguard your in-progress sci-fi novel. And it’s every teen’s dream to move beyond the “keep out” poster and install a door sensor  — which is probably why this is one room that you should consider skipping!


Protect Yourself With Protect America’s Door Sensors

Door sensors come in two separate parts. Place one piece on the door itself and the companion on the door frame. If you choose to use Protect America’s door security devices, then all you need for installation is heavy adhesive to help the sensors know their place. The sensors use magnetic fields to detect motion. When the door is opened, the sensors signal the alarm panel. The panel assays the situation. If it’s a burglary, Protect America’s monitored home security system will automatically contact first responders and dispatch help to check out the location. An unmonitored alarm will only send you an alert or set off an alarm, leaving the onus of the responsibility for contacting the police department or fire station squarely on your shoulders. Which is why a monitored security system is clearly the superior choice in home security systems.

What Distinguishes Protect America as Home Security Experts

Protect America, a nine-time “Consumers Digest” Best Buy winner, is there for you 24/7 with professionally monitored home security. You can get the simple and affordable home security system that you desire for as low as $30 a month, plus up to $1,400 in free equipment and there are no installation fees. As in never! Sweet! Protect America requires a contract; with your 36-month agreement, you get the peace of mind of a monitored home protection at a locked-in rate, which is something that no other home security company offers. Protect America also offers a price match guarantee: find a better deal, and they’ll match it.

Ready to find out more about monitored home security? Get a free quote from Protect America.