The right option for a security system is going to be different for a homeowner than it is for a business, in most cases. That’s because businesses may want to know some things that homeowners don’t care about — such as how many people have come through the door that day. That’s where a door sensor with a counter can come in handy. And fortunately, these do exist. Several companies make them, and they’re designed to count every time the door is opened. That can mean a higher count than just how many people came through the door, but dividing it by two will provide a relatively accurate count of how many people actually came into the business, assuming that all of them exited again and people didn’t come in and out more than once during the day.

Because of the way the door count sensors work, they aren’t perfect when it comes to getting a “people count.” But they can provide a business with information that they wouldn’t otherwise have and that they really need to know in order to get more information about customer numbers and foot traffic. Homeowners can install them, too, of course. Maybe they want to know just how many people came by for the party, or how many times they really had to get up and let the dog or cat in and out in a day.


How to Pick the Right Door Sensor

Picking the right door sensor doesn’t have to be complicated. The most important thing that the homeowner or business owner is looking for is a door sensor that meets a few criteria, including:

  • it’s reliable and will keep working
  • it’s accurate in the count it provides
  • it works with the current home automation or security system
  • it’s affordable for the person buying it

By looking for a door sensor that has all of those things, it’s possible to find one that’s going to give people what they need to add to their system and get an accurate count of how many people came in and out a door. At least, they’ll know how many times the door was opened. That’s a close approximation when divided in half, as it assumes a person entered (one count), and exited (one count).

Counting When the Door is Opened

With the right system, the count would ideally only work when a person came in. But that’s much harder to do.

The sensor doesn’t understand whether a person is coming in the door or going out the door. It only understands that the door was opened.

Having some type of motion sensor also wouldn’t work, because it would be triggered by the door opening no matter whether it was an entry or an exit. This technology still isn’t perfect, but it’s better than not having any option at all, such as in the not too distant past.


Is It Time to Focus on a Different Company?

For homeowners and business owners who already have door sensors, it may be time to upgrade to something better. Anyone who wants a door sensor with a count may not be able to get that with the company they’re using. It may not be offered or compatible. In that case, changing companies and finding one that offers this type of sensor could be necessary. It would allow people to use the door normally, but the person using the sensor could also be collecting data that could provide them with valuable information for the future.

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