Treating dementia isn’t easy, and there isn’t a cure. It’s also difficult for the families of patients, especially when someone with dementia starts to wonder. They can become lost or get injured. The best home security system for someone like this is one that’s designed with dementia in mind as much as possible. These systems are not perfect — and diligence is still very important — but they can help reduce the family’s fear and risk levels somewhat. Even that can make a big difference in how someone feels.

They are also good at alerting a family member when there’s a potential problem, so they can quickly react and try to locate the dementia patient or help them with whatever they’re trying to do. That extra added peace of mind these family members receive makes a big difference for some individuals. They can feel safer, and they can reduce their anxiety levels. But not all security systems are really helpful for dementia patients, and not all door sensors are going to provide the high level of value that’s needed. That’s important to be aware of, so the right options can be chosen.


A Family Member With Dementia Can be a Struggle

No matter how much a family member is loved, taking care of them when they have dementia can be extremely stressful. There’s the progression of the disease to deal with, along with the idea that a person that’s loved is going to be lost. Seeing someone deteriorate that way is emotionally and mentally painful.

On top of that pain, there’s the fear that something will happen to the person physically and they will leave the house without being noticed. If that happens they could get lost, or they could end up being harmed.

It’s important to avoid those kinds of frightening scenarios, and it’s also important to focus on how to best protect the dementia patient. For many people who choose to keep their family member at home, door sensors and other types of warning devices are a way of life. These sensors can alert family members before a dementia patient has time to get very far away.

Door Sensors Can Help Keep Family Members Safe

With the right security system, door sensors will protect dementia patients from getting out into the world without a family member noticing. These sensors have to work well, and they have to be able to be trusted and relied upon. That way the family members will feel safe and secure, and they will be able to sleep at night knowing they’ll be alerted if their loved one with dementia tries to open a door or go outside. That little extra bit of peace of mind can make a big difference in how a family member feels and how well they sleep when caring for someone with dementia.


There Are Newer and Better Options Available

Some of the older methods of keeping a dementia patient in the home safely included:

  • bedroom door locks
  • front door deadbolts
  • keyed locks
  • safety chains
  • slide bolts
  • padlocks

While those may have worked in some instances, they also seem a bit old fashioned. Instead of using those types of options, it’s better to select methods that are going to be new and modern. These include things like door sensors that chime when a door is opened, along with other, related types of alert systems. Door sensors are typically used on exterior doors, but they can also be used on bedroom doors, as well.

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