The best security system means one that works for the homeowner, and a big part of that is integration. If a homeowner has a lot of different smart devices but none of them work together, it’s not as good of an arrangement — and can even lead to the homeowner not using the devices at all. That means a lower level of convenience and enjoyment, but also possibly a lower level of protection, as well. It’s important to avoid those kinds of issues, and when it comes to integrating door sensors with SmartThings there are only a few options to consider.

Visonic and Samsung are popular choices, but there are a few others that aren’t as widely known, as well. Additionally, more and more options are being created all the time, because SmartThings is here to stay and it understands that compatibility with other devices is going to be one of the ways that it stays popular and keeps homeowners buying its products.


Integrating a Door Sensor with SmartThings

With SmartThings, there’s a wide range of products that work with it. That’s good to know when a homeowner is trying to find options, but it doesn’t help if the devices that are compatible aren’t what the homeowner needs. Door sensors, fortunately, are a popular option for most security systems. Because of that, they generally have compatibility with a wide range of other devices and companies.

SmartThings can integrate several brands and types of door sensors quite easily, simply by setting the device to pair with other devices it detects in the system. It will find devices and the homeowner can add them. Then they’ll all work together, providing a level of peace of mind that a homeowner can appreciate.

Whether a homeowner has one door sensor or a number of them, SmartThings can find these sensors and add them into the system. But they need to be the right brand and type, or they won’t be detected properly. That can be frustrating for a homeowner who really just wants to get their security system up and running, or who wants to add additional protection to what they already have. It’s not truly a smart home unless things are integrated and working properly, and having to buy more items because of compatibility issues can be frustrating and expensive.

Why Door Sensors Are so Very Important for Security

The right security system is one that a homeowner can rely on, and it should have door sensors with it. That’s because it’s vital to protect entry points to a home, since these are the most vulnerable areas. Having a good security system and door sensors that work well with it means a homeowner can generally expect to get:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • good quality, newer equipment
  • ease of installation
  • fast response times to alarms
  • strong customer service

All of those are important, and good door sensors are part of the package. A homeowner who’s serious about security will focus on compatibility to reduce the chance of problems.


How SmartThings is Used by Most Homeowners

Most homeowners use SmartThings to its full extent. It’s a true smart home hub, and can be used to turn lights on and off, adjust the temperature, lock and unlock the doors, arm and disarm a security system, and more. With that in mind, making sure the door sensors are a part of that, and that they are compatible and work correctly, is a good way to feel comfortable in a home and have plenty of peace of mind.

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