New technology is popping up all of the time. Indoor quadcopter drones are the latest fad—and some are even trying to purpose them for home security!

The Appeal

The ultimate goal of home security systems is to create a presence inside the home while everyone is away. Today, this is achieved through state-of-the-art sensors that can detect motion, temperature, shattering glass, and open doors or windows. However, the technology of the future might be able to do even more! Today, we have security cameras that sit in one place and stream on demand. However, with the technology of drones, it could be possible that we have a moving set of eyes in the home at all times. If someone breaks in, you could fly your drone over to snap a picture of them or even talk to them through the drone’s speaker. Or if you simply want to double check whether you locked the door or fed the pets, the drone camera could also show you these locations so that you can have access to every view inside the home anywhere you are.

The Limitations

At least with the drone technology that we have today, this is much more of a dream than a reality. There are a few projects and prototypes in the works that can be seen on Kickstarter and related sites. However, the technology of the drone itself and the technology we use to interact with it are simply not advanced enough to be integrated into a home security system. If you’ve ever tried to fly a drone—maybe at a mall or at a park—you know how difficult it is even with the thing right in front of you. Directing it remotely just seems impossible and inaccurate. A lot of it can be automated, but it just seems like there’s so much room for user error. Battery life will probably be less reliable than they make it sound

What if the burglar just hits it and knocks it down? What happens if you hit a fragile object in your home, knocking it over and breaking it? Could it be more of a hassle than a help at this point?

The Future

We think that drones could be a really awesome part of home security in the future. Once the technology is improved, the design becomes less clunky, and the experience of navigating it becomes more intuitive, it could be a great addition to your system. However, we would recommend holding out for now. Version one of anything is bound to have unexpected bugs and failures.

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