Are you from Austin, Texas? Well if so, you should be aware of the crime in your local neighborhoods. The crime spree in the East Austin Holly Street neighborhood started in late June according to Austin police.

Since then, over a dozen houses have been burglarized, including Jenica Welch’s home.

“I don’t feel safe. I’m worried that now that they understand the layout of my home they’ll come back, and I have an 8-month-old daughter,” she tells KVUE. Now, police say they’re taking extra steps to stop the break-ins. “There are a number of high-profile operations going on as well as some low-profile undercover operations going on specifically in this area right now,” said Lt. Frank Dixon.

But neighbors like Natalie Hill say they want to see more protection, specifically in the alleyways, so they can feel safe in their own homes again.

Hill and Welch say a majority of the break-ins are happening at homes with alleyway access.
In July, detectives arrested a person they believe broke in to at least 15 homes in the Holly Street neighborhood, but the suspect is a juvenile and was released after one day.

The juvenile is now wanted for parole violation.

There’s also evidence more people may be involved according to Lt. Dixon.

“We do know that there may be different groups operating in this area,” Dixon said.

The community has started a neighborhood watch and homeowners are beefing up security.

So far no one has been home during these break-ins, but neighbors are worried next time, someone could get hurt.

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Source: KVUE Austin News