The holiday season is here and Christmas is just a few weeks a day. While it’s certainly the best time of the year to spend time with family and friends before the New Year, it’s also important that you think about keeping your friends and family safe around all the electricity you’ll likely be using. Here are a few essential electrical safety tips for the holidays.


Holiday Safety Tip #1

Before you use any electrical decorations, you should inspect them for damage. Look for damaged sockets, cracked sockets, loose connections, and bare or loose wires. All of these things could cause a fire or a serious shock.

Once you’ve confirmed that all your electrical decorations aren’t damaged, you should count how many outlets you have in your home and where they’re located. You should plan out your displays based on the number of outlets and their location. When putting up the displays, be sure to follow the care and manufacturer’s use instructions that came with the electrical decorations. Be sure to use the extension cords with the right amperage rating to match the amperage needs of your electrical products.

When you’re installing outdoor decorations, you should be very careful when you’re decorating near any power lines. You and your equipment should be at least 10 feet from any power lines.

Holiday Safety Tip #2

Don’t overload your home’s electrical outlets. Every year, many homeowners end up overloading the electrical outlets in their home because they go overboard when it comes to decorating. Faulty wires and overloaded electrical outlets are the most common causes of fire during the holidays. You should only plug a single high-wattage appliance into every outlet. This will help you prevent overloading the outlets in your home.

Holiday Safety Tip #3

You should never connect more than three strands of incandescent lights. Connecting more than three strings can cause a fire or trip circuit breakers. You should think about buying LED lights, which are cooler than incandescent lights and use less energy. Be sure that the spotlights that you use to illuminate decorations are far from flammable items, protected from weather, and are well-ventilated. Make sure that you always unplug your decorations before you replace the fuses or bulbs. Turn off the outdoor and indoor electrical decorations before you go to sleep or leave home.


Holiday Safety Tip #4

Be sure that any electrical decorations and extension cords were made to be useable outdoors. Keep all light strings and extension cords away from water and snow. When decorating outdoors, you should use fiberglass or wooden ladders rather than metal ladders. You should plug outdoor decorations and electric lights into circuits protected by circuit interrupters. You should buy portable outdoor GFCIs if the circuits aren’t GFCI protected.

As you can see, there are many things that you can do to keep your family and friends safe during the holidays. For more electrical safety tips for the holidays or a free quote from Protect America, don’t hesitate to contact us.