An emergency situation can strike at any moment, so it’s important to ensure that you, your family and your home are prepared for such an event. Of course, it’s impossible to know exactly what type of emergency might take place. In all likelihood, though, consideration of your community, geography and climate can help you determine what sort of disaster is most plausible. In order to be prepared for anything, you’ll want to design several emergency kits for you and your family, design a disaster plan and make sure that your house is protected with a strong home security system.

Designing emergency kits

In the event that a crisis situation occurs in your community, having emergency kits in your home and vehicles can streamline the process of getting you and your family to safety. According to the Red Cross, a home security kit should have enough supplies for two weeks while a vehicle kit should have ample provisions for three days. A basic emergency kit should include water, non-perishable food, a flashlight and batteries, a radio, medications, personal documents, a first aid kit, extra cash and maps. In constructing your kit, consider specific family needs. For example, if you have young children in your family then you’ll want to remember to pack diapers and baby food. Keep at least one in your home and one in your car to be ready at all times. Refresh the supplies in the kit frequently.

Designing family disaster plans

Designing a family disaster plan allows you and your loved ones to have a clear, unified picture of how you’ll react in the face of an emergency. First and foremost, identify two meeting spots for the family; the first should be in your home and the second should be a spot in the community in case you can’t return home. Make a list of responsibilities for each member of the family and ensure that everyone understands their role in a potential crisis. Finally, select a non-local friend or family member who can serve as an emergency contact if evacuation is necessary. Practice leaving with your family once or twice a year so that all members are familiar with what to do in the event of a crisis.

Protect your home during evacuation

Of course, your family and loved ones should be your greatest concern during an emergency situation. Nonetheless, if you do have to evacuate, your thoughts may turn to your home shortly after you’ve made sure that everyone in your family is safe. Give yourself peace of mind by installing a home security system from Protect America. Even if an emergency situation prevents you from returning home, you can rest assured with our Smart Connect system, which allows you to arm and monitor your home security system from anywhere through an application for both iPhone and Android. The app will even allow you to monitor your home in real time using our video surveillance. With full Wi-Fi​ compatibility and a very simple, wireless design, our video surveillance cameras offer a great benefit to your home security in any emergency situation.