Protecting your home may seem like a tall order. It may seem like a challenge with too many variables. But once you’ve purchased and installed home security, the toughest part of the challenge is taken care of. The rest lies in the details.

As long as homeowners are vigilant and aware of the obstacles that they’ll encounter at their home, they can fully prepare themselves to overcome any potential threat of a burglar. We’ve put together some expert tips and often overlooked points regarding home safety. If you implement these tips into your strategy, you’ll be sure to keep the burglars away.


Avoid Hiding Spare Keys

Never spend money on fake rocks, birdhouses, animals, or other tools where you want to hide a spare key. Burglars are aware that it is a common practice to hide spare keys in these areas, and they are not naive as to where they should be looking. Instead, opt to give a spare key to a trusted neighbor, friend, or family member.

Advertise Your Home Security Equipment

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Always have signs, decals, and notices that advertise that you have home security equipment, and even animals. A burglar is less likely to target a home that they know is protected with home security equipment. 

Stick to the Basics

Never leave doors, windows, or garages open or unlocked. Break-ins are often crimes of opportunity, a burglar saw an opportunity and they took advantage of it. Don’t give a burglar any sort of opportunity that they can take advantage of.

Don’t Answer to Strangers, But See Who They Are

Many burglars will actually knock on a door to see who is home before committing a crime. If they realize that no one is home, they will go forward with their actions. If you hear a knock at the door, don’t open to strangers, but look through your peephole and see who is there. You can ask what they want or tell them to leave your property. 

Front doors should be reinforced with solid locks and deadbolts, because the majority of burglars gain entrance through the front door.

Place Valuables in a Safe

Important and expensive personal items should be placed in a home safe. These home safes should be anchored to the floor or a permanent shelf.

Items that are often placed in safes include guns, jewelry, money, and other personal items. Remember that thieves aren’t always strangers that are targeting your home. Sometimes thieves are relatives, friends, babysitters, housekeepers, or friends of your children who get clever and curious.

Make the Home Seem Lived In

Timers, lights, and televisions will give burglars the impression that someone is home. Since the majority of burglaries happen during the day, it’s important to do whatever you can to give burglars the impression that you are home. When you’re away for vacation, these tricks and tips will come in handy.

Make the Home Appear Well-Kept 

Burglars are more likely to target a home that isn’t well kept, because it gives the impression that homeowners are away, or that they do not care about their property. If you’ll be away, put a stop to receiving mail, and if you need additional help, ask neighbors or family and friends to help with mail and trash.

Avoid Posting on Social Media

As excited as you are about your vacation, and as much as you would like to announce it to the world, posting about vacation on social media may lead to unwanted traffic to your home.

A number of social media sites are open for the public to see, and some opportunists in your friend circle may even try to take advantage of you being away. Wait until you return from your trip before you start posting about the vacation. 


Don’t Place Valuables in Obvious Places

Get creative with your valuables. When burglars break-in, they are looking to find valuable property quickly. Common initial places they look are dresser drawers, bedside tables, and medicine cabinets.

Throw off burglars by not placing valuables in these places, rather in safes, and by leave old items that you don’t want out in the open. This could be an old television or laptop, almost tricking the burglars into thinking that these items have value.

Don’t Ignore the Second and Third Floors

Don’t neglect the second or third story of your home under the assumption that someone won’t put in the effort to break-in. Many burglars are capable of climbing, often using tools they find in the neighborhood. Never leave ladders or other items out that can be used for a break-in.

Follow These Tips

The goal should always be to think steps ahead of a burglar. A burglar should never find a weakness in your home security plan, and if one were ever to approach your home, they should opt for another property once they see the difficulty in robbing your house. 

Remember: Always be aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to what’s going on in your neighborhood. See if there is new or unusual activity, and be vigilant to report it.