Every homeowner considers the security of their home, but what about the rest of your property? Surprisingly, there are a number of different techniques you can use to boost the security on and around your property with exterior lighting. Exterior lighting not only prevents unwanted intruders from lurking around your home, but it could potentially prevent people from attempting to break into your home as well. While the best way to secure your home and family is with the aid of a home security system, there are a number of benefits to exterior lighting that can boost the security of your entire property. In this post you will read about the benefits to be reaped from installing exterior lights around your home.

Exterior Lighting Options

Homeowners have several options when selecting exterior lights. Choices include lighting power sources, installation location and specific lighting purpose. For example, homeowners can use traditional lights powered by electricity or select solar lights to save on energy bills. Lighting that is created using fire pits or other appliances are called fire features. Fire features can alter the outdoor landscape mood. Lanterns also provide another outdoor option and homeowners can place them on front porches or install post-type lanterns in the ground.

There are also motion-sensing lights that can be installed anywhere outside or inside the home for a higher level of security. Motion-sensing lights are sold as an actual light or as individual sensors that can then be placed on any light. You can place flood lights, garden lights, your front entrance light, and other outdoor lighting on motion sensors. This will undoubtedly keep intruders from hiding around your home. Motion-sensing lights can also save you money because they only turn on when something or someone activates the sensor.

Location and Security Benefits

Homes should always have well lit front and back entrances. In many situations, homes have landscaping features, such as hedges and bushes that can easily block an intruder from site. When these types of landscape features are close to the front door, powerful lighting enhances a homeowner’s ability to see and deter crime. Lighting exterior areas, such as backdoors and garages, can help keep you safe. Motion detector lights are one of the best options. Installing the lights near backdoor areas helps keep the property off a burglar’s target list. They can also notify a homeowner if an intruder is present. Motion-detecting lights for garages offer the same safety measure. If an intruder approaches the front of the house, the garage door lights immediately turn on.


Instead of leaving one light on when going out, homeowners can install timers for both indoor and outdoor use. Timers offer a convenient way to turn on different lights in a home or other appliances. For example, if a homeowner plans to return home late several evenings in a row, they can set an interior timer for multiple lights that turn on at specific times. Many timers come with the option to turn on lights at different times in the evening. These can also be placed outdoors so that your front porch light remains on during the night and is timed to turn off in the morning.

We do not suggest using exterior lighting as your sole means of security. These measures will only deter a burglar from choosing to pick your home over another. However, lights alone will not stop a burglar from entering your home, especially if no one is there to notice the lights. Contrary to popular belief, most burglaries occur during the daytime, while occupants are typically at work or otherwise engaged. Nonetheless, an FBI report indicates that almost 30 percent of residential burglaries took place at night. For this reason, it is still vital to get a security system to protect your home and family. Protect America can provide you with around-the-clock monitoring as well as free equipment.