Each season has its own moments of bliss.

Maybe it’s the glow of dew on a Spring morning or deep breaths we take while laying in the Summer sun. Maybe you’re like me and you wish you could freeze these moments in time. We all know, however, that time waits for no one. Summer is making its final peaks over the horizon.

The first few cold snaps of Fall have a fascinating effect on people, I think. Muffled murmurs about the approaching cold are peppered with excitement. We secretly can’t wait to wear a sweater, to embrace a warm drink and to become Fall, ourselves. What is it about Fall that’s so special?


This season brings us together.

Picture yourself standing in a coffee shop when someone comes in from the cold. They might shake a bit and fumble with their clothes while enjoying newfound warmth. As soon as they make eye contact with you, there’s a bubbly glint of understanding, as if to say, “I know. It’s cold!”

This is just a small example of little things we get to share. When a light chill fills the air and the leaves turn a kaleidoscope of yellows and reds, we might share the glow of a fire with someone special. We’ll probably share laughs and conversation, too. We’ll find a commonality in that warmth that goes beyond a simple fire.


Let’s Love Fall and Worry Less.

Sometimes we find ourselves temporarily lost in the thicket of life, obsessed with daily details. Important details like love, school, people, home and work. These and a million others make us who we are, but maybe some of the best moments in life are when we mute the details – when we zoom out and pause in a beautiful moment.

There’s no doubt, Fall is a lovely time to press pause in beautiful moments. Toasting marshmallows, clutching a frothy drink or watching the leaves fall… The possibilities are endless. Here at Protect America, we know you can’t experience those crisp and magical Fall moments if you’re worried about home. Just remember that your secured home is always on, always protected.

We’re here to help you create those special moments, so hit the”arm” button, go explore, and worry less.

The song below is a great start to your campfire playlist, and just like it says – soon it will be cold enough to build fires.