To many they may come across as a rather pointless addition to your home, but installing fences on and around your property can actually pose an entire host of benefits. Fences not only provide a potential boon to the decorative merit of your residence, but they can also do quite a bit to decrease your liability in certain situations and increase your home security presence. Whether you’ve just purchased a new property, are making renovations to an existing home or are simply considering entering the market for a new residence, consider the following ways in which adding a fence or two might be a good move:

Household liability

While owning a home can be an incredibly liberating and positive experience, it’s worth noting that as a property owner, you face a more liability than you do as a renter or tenant. For instance, if you have a piece of leisure equipment that could be harmful or physically damaging if used irresponsibly, it’s important to protect it adequately. Consider the example of a trampoline or swimming pool; Installing a fence around such an object or property will not only ensure that you’re free of (or, at least, less likely to encounter) unwanted visitors, but also that you aren’t responsible for their actions. If you have a fence with a sign posted explaining that trespassing isn’t allowed, anyone who is injured on your property will most likely have been there illegally, offering you a strong argument for legal protection. While this isn’t the most glamorous aspect of home ownership, it’s one that could potentially save you a great deal of liability.

Home security

Home security is certainly the most overt benefit of installing a fence around your property, but the ways this security manifests may not be immediately obvious to all homeowners. A fence will certainly make it more difficult for burglars to gain access to your property and keep out potential trespassers. In a way, fences can discourage crime before it even starts. By offering a way to politely obscure the view of your home, you can decrease the outside world’s awareness of your belongings, your actions and your comings and goings. With less information about what you own and when you typically aren’t at home, planning a robbery (also known as “casing”) of your home will be far harder for anyone with those intentions.

Successful integration

Of course, putting up a fence around the perimeter of your property is a good step towards better home security, but it may not be enough. Make sure that you’re getting the absolute most out of your new barrier by integrating it with other elements of home security. Place home surveillance cameras near gates, gaps or other entry points to ensure that you always have a digital record of anyone coming and going from your property. If you’re worried about individuals potentially scaling your fence to gain access to your property, consider investing in a thorny sort of vine. Plants like this are typically inexpensive and can be planted to grow on trellises up the length of your fence, making the barriers impassable for those looking to climb them.