There’s a certain entertainment value to burglary films. Watching a group of criminals attempt to beat the insurmountable odds of robbing a high-stakes bank, stealing a painting, and getting away Scot-free seems to attract us in cinema. Think Mission Impossible, the Ocean’s films, and The Italian Job. These heist films are dramatic.

In reality, it’s exciting to know that the crooks don’t get away. That law enforcement are able to outwit and outperform criminals and justice is served. But oftentimes in burglaries we find that the criminals actually made mistakes, or they didn’t have a very good strategy to commit their crimes. Here we take a look at five of the craziest burglaries to ever occur. These would make entertaining plots in film:


1. The Burglar Who Only Wanted a Cupcake

A home burglar in Alpena, Michigan, decided that she would break into a home for property. But the property that she chose wasn’t what many people would choose. This burglar chose—cupcakes. That’s right. A burglary committed just for some cupcakes.

The woman was caught after she knocked over a tray of the baked goods as she attempted to run from the home. The woman was caught by police near the home, apparently intoxicated, and with cupcake evidence on her hands.

2. The 11-Year Old Detective

It isn’t everyday that an 11-year old solves a burglary case, but so was the situation for one kid in Connecticut.

When police surveyed the Connecticut home for help tracking down a burglar suspect, the only person with evidence was an 11-year-old girl. She drew the description of the burglar as best as she could remember, and based off of the drawing, police were able to find the perpetrator.

The young girl never imaged the drawing would solve the case, and she was even quoted saying, “I have to give a lot of credit to my art teacher.”

3. The $65 Million Dig

In 2005 the Banco Central Bank in Fortaleza, Brazil, was burglarized by a group of criminals who rented a commercial property in the city and posed as landscapers. The group spent three months digging a 200 meter (656 feet) tunnel underneath the bank. Over the course of a week, these burglars used their tunnel to break through reinforced concrete to enter the bank’s steel vault.

The criminals got away with $65 million. The thieves had a little bit of help—they robbed the bank during the weekend and it didn’t reopen until the following Monday. This may have been the biggest heist in Brazilian history.

4. Nicolas Cage Meets His Match

In 2012, actor Nicolas Cage found an intruder in his home. To his surprise, he was awoken by a man who had wandered into his bedroom and was staring at the actor while wearing one of Cage’s leather jackets, while the bandit was eating an ice cream bar.

The man was confronted by Cage and sent away from the home before he was arrested by the police. The suspect ended up not stealing anything from the home, except the fudge bar and temporary holding of the leather jacket.


5. The Bling Ring Robbers

This famous group of robbers had a few nicknames. The went by names such as the Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch, the Burglar Bunch, and the Hollywood Hills Burglars.

These thieves were a group of eight teens and young adults who went on a burglary spree near Calabasas, California. Most of their targets were celebrity homes. It’s reported that the group targeted over 50 homes, getting away with as much as $3 million in cash and other goods. Homes that were burglarized included Orlando Bloom, Megan Fox, Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton, where the majority of their goods were stolen.

Their exploits were so popular that a film starring Emma Watson titled “The Bling Ring” was created to tell their story. A number of articles have been written to examine the young burglars’ intentions and their obsession with pop culture, which led to robbing the homes of celebrities.