People underestimated their home security systems, especially wireless ones. In addition to intrusion protection, home alarm systems offer a broad range of unique services and features. From interactive surveillance cameras to temperature sensors, security devices can easily be added to most wireless security systems.

One of the most underused and underrated security accessories is the flood gauge. Though it’s tempting to associate flood gauges with weather related events, it’s more useful to prevent against manmade flooding in places like basements or garages.

Adding a Flood Gauge to Your Home Security System

Wireless home security systems are highly customizable, allowing for unique alterations that fit a wide variety of household needs. Flood gauges can be useful for preventing issues like overflowing pools and burst pipes. Getting a flood gauge for your system is as simple as asking and installation takes minutes. A flood gauge needs to be place in flood prone areas. If as little as an inch of water is detected, a wireless signal is sent through your system and to your phone as a text message or email.

Unique Uses for Flood Gauges

A few properly placed flood gauges will reduce the damage caused by any number of household calamities. Dishwashers or washing machines can ruin carpet or hardwood floors pretty quickly. Your flood gauge can warn you about leaking water with a simple alert. You can also program your alarm system to activate its siren when water is detected. (Fortunately, your system is smart enough not to call your monitoring station or the authorities when a flood occurs.) Some other uses for a flood gauge include monitoring water levels on pools or even ponds, lakes, and creeks that threaten your property.

Early detection of any type of flood situation can really threaten your home and will even put your family at risk. To find out more about protecting your home against flood and home security, visit our product page to see how we can customize a home security system to fit your home.