The best home security system offers a lot of different options, and one of those options is a flood sensor. These types of sensors are set up to focus on water, but also on issues that are affected by water, such as humidity and temperature. For homeowners who already have HomeKit installed in their home, finding flood sensors that work with it can be a chore. There are few options, and the mostly commonly mentioned one — and often the only mentioned one — is Fibaro. It can also survive flooding and many other issues, many of which other types of flood sensors can’t actually handle.

What good is a flood sensor if it can’t survive a flood? That’s a fair question, but the point of these sensors is to detect the issue before they’re actually flooded. That way the homeowner has the opportunity to get a problem stopped, instead of discovering the issue only when it’s a full-fledged disaster. The Fibaro sensor will do that, works with Apple HomeKit, and is considered to be one of the best flood sensor choices on the market.


Why Are Flood Sensors so Important for Security?

Most homeowners think about glass break sensors and security systems that alert them when a door or window is opened. That’s their definition of security, and that definition makes sense. But there’s so much more to having security in a home than just keeping strangers and criminals out. There are also natural and man-made disasters that can occur, such as fires and floods.

Stopping these disasters, or catching them when they are just getting started so they can be stopped, is so very important. Flood sensors are a big part of this, and that makes them a big part of security.

Whether the flood sensor detects water, or it alerts because there are moisture, temperature, or humidity issues that need to be addressed, this kind of sensor can help protect both life and property. When the sensors work with HomeKit, a homeowner is able to tie everything in together and focus on the best and most efficient way to protect their home. HomeKit is designed to control lighting, temperature, and more, so using it with sensors simply adds to the value it offers.

Integrating Flood Sensors With HomeKit

With the right home security system, everything can easily be integrated in order to keep a home as safe as possible. Not only will the homeowner have peace of mind, but they will also know they’ll be notified if anything changes. That includes rising moisture levels because a pipe is leaking, or an alert because there’s water in the basement. Since a lot of basements aren’t actively used for much other than storage, it’s vital to know if mater or moisture is becoming a problem there.


Is a New Security Company Needed?

For homeowners who need flood sensors and don’t have them, it may be time for a new security company. If that’s the case, a homeowner should look for — in addition to flood sensors — the following:

  • 24/7 monitoring services
  • high-end, good quality equipment
  • strong customer service and fast response times
  • ease of installation for all components

In the future there may be more flood sensors that will work with HomeKit, but right now the options that homeowners have are very limited. That can be frustrating, but the kind of flood sensors that are being used now are just going to get better and better as technology advances.

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