Your home is your fortress and everything found within it are your most prized possessions. You and your family are among those valuable items that are irreplaceable, and as such, you should look to protect them from all that wishes to harm them. Your first step should be finding a system that prevents any unwanted intrusion.


With the numerous and increasing threats that we are faced with everyday, you should find a home security monitoring system that provides you with optimum protection. A system that can keep out intruders, while complimenting your busy and increasingly influx lifestyle. However, with so many providers on the market promising you safety and protection, who should you trust?

A home security company that tries to look out for the customers with their progressively developed systems is Fortress Security. They offer options that make consumers feel free from the burdens of having to worry while in the safety of their own homes, and provide that peace of mind at a price that won’t break the bank.

What does Fortress Security Systems have to offer? 

Fortress Security offers a full spectrum of home security alarm plans and accompanying accessories to get your entire home covered protected.  In their efforts to stay up-to-date with today’s advancing technologies, the company offers four alarm packages that have wireless capabilities to keep your house fully protected, while you are on the move.

Depending on what you are in the market for, they give you a choice between the following four systems.

  • S03 WiFi Security System – This is an upgrade from their previous and hugely popular S02 system which is a contact sensor to cover possible entry through windows or doors. The system is paired with the necessary accessories that you deem fit for your location. Once the S03 Wifi main panel and the accessories are set up to cover your chosen access point, the system will automatically notify you of any breach via WIFI or landline.
  • S1 Security System – This package comes with a bit more versatility and user features in included. The main panel components, and accompanying accessories, will alert you of any intruders over WiFi or on your cell phone. The system also pairs with Amazon Alexa support that will give you an even higher level of control.
  • S6 Titan Security System –  The S6 Titan security system is their comprehensive fully programmable package. With this 3G/4G WiFi main panel and its many compatible accessories to cover all possible entry points, you will have numerous options of control, along with notification via WiFi, Landline, or on your mobile phone.

How do they match up against their competition Protect America?

Fortress Security Systems is one of the better home security providers on the the market. Their selection of packages and systems, with their varying features, gives homeowners great options to stay safe in a dangerous world. Many of the features and services they offer are very comparable to Protect America, with some exceptions.

Protect America is another home security company that provides top of the line systems for your protection. However, unlike Fortress Security’s automated phone support, Protect America provides 24/7 professionally monitored service. Going a step above to make you feel even more at ease. Along with this, Protect America gives you

  • A locked in rate that Fortress, and other companies, simply can’t beat.
  • A price match guarantee to ensure you always get the best rate.
  • Absolutely no installation or set up fees, and most importantly,
  • Home security systems that are integrated with the latest technology, to make your life convenient while protecting you from all the latest security threats.


Why should you get a home security system? 

In today’s world, having a home security system is as necessary as running water. Unfortunately, there are countless individuals who would look to relieve you and your family of everything that you have worked so hard for. According to research, approximately 4,800 burglaries happen every day in the united states. Which equates to a break in every 18 seconds or roughly 200 per hours.

Here are five other things to consider when deciding if you should get an alarm system

  1. Burglars generally avoid homes with security systems.
  2. Most Burglars happen between 10AM and 3PM while you are at work.
  3. The average break in can cost homeowners over $2,200
  4. 30% of Burglars enter through the front door.
  5. Burglars can make their way through your home in less than 10 minutes.

considering these and other startling facts, it is hard not to imagine not having a system you can trust. Don’t already have a system, or thinking about upgrading to something more secure and affordable?  Get a free quote from Protect America.  They know the dangers that hide in the dark, and are ready to help protect you from them.