Forward Home Security is a company that specializes in security solutions for homes and businesses in North Texas, and the surrounding area. They provide a lot of information on their home website. However, past customers have had trouble finding out all the information they need to know on different packages before making the decision to purchase. The company’s website does not clearly set out the terms and conditions of the contract between Forward Home Security and their clients.

This can certainly cause anyone trouble down the line, even if it is a misunderstanding. The offers on the website are not applicable to existing customers and the information offers, such as free installation, is not clear. It is difficult to differentiate between packages that come with free installation and packages that carry a charge for installation. In addition to confusing information, Forward Home Security is not the most affordable security company in the industry. While they have only been in business 9 years, they have a lot to catch up with in terms of affordability, simplicity, and customization.

Security System Overview

Forward Home Security uses Digital Security Controls for their equipment provider. Brand new Forward Home Security System packages include the following:

  • 1 control panel & siren
  • 3 door contacts
  • 1 panic button
  • yard signs and stickers
  • 1 keypad

However, the advertised price on the front page of the website is almost 3 times less than what you would actually pay with Forward Security if you were seriously going to purchase one of their systems. That is because the price advertised is specifically for homes that already have existing systems installed. If you already have an existing system and are simply looking to receive monitoring, then Forward Home Security might not be a bad bet for you. The again, if you’re looking to purchase security for the first time including equipment, you should look elsewhere. 


For $17.95 you can get monitoring service to your home without having to purchase anything else. This will not provide any equipment… and monitoring contracts are 36 months. For only a few dollars more, you can have the same deal with all your start-up equipment provided for free by Protect America! That’s right! We can offer you free start-up equipment with purchasing of monthly monitoring starting at $19.99 a month with our Copper Package!

Forward Home Security offers 3 main packages:

  1. SMART Home, which starts at $45.95 per month
  2. SMART Home Energy Package, $54.95 per month
  3. SMART Home PLUS, $64.95 per month

If you’re in the market for those prices, don’t settle on them just yet! These monthly fees do not include the installation, equipment or activation! The extra out-of-pocket costs will about $100 according this this source. And with their cheapest package starting at $45.95 a month, you can surely get a better quote elsewhere.

Your Solution

For home security that is both affordable and easy, consider calling Protect America! At Protect America, we guarantee you the lowest price possible with our Low Price Guarantee tool. We provide free equipment with purchase of monitoring and provide all the information you need online. Protect America will never up your rates and our installation is free and DIY for any home. Protect your home and your wallet with Protect America!