Celebrating the Fourth of July this summer could be more dangerous than usual. Fireworks manufacturer Wilco Fireworks has announced the recall of over 4,000 explosives. The product, called “Contraband 24”, is an artillery shell type of firework shot out of a tube and launched high into the air before it explodes.


According to the Wilco website, the company is recalling the Contraband 24 product because “the shell can blow up in the tube during firing, posing impact and burn hazards to the user and bystanders.” Wilco is offering a refund to customers who have purchased the product through various retailers.

The official U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission release goes on to say, “The firm has received two reports of the firing tubes being too narrow, including one report of a shell blowing up in a tube and causing minor burns and cuts to the legs of a store employee.”

Firework Safety

Remember to use extreme caution if using fireworks. Explosives can sometimes malfunction without warning and fire in an undesired direction. Stand far away from fireworks when lit, and make sure children are not using these explosives without supervision. If you have Wilco’s Contraband 24 product, do not use it. Return it to the place of purchase for a full refund. Click here for more information.


Cover photo by Daniel Albi