Choosing from all the security companies in your area can be confusing — and you may even feel like it doesn’t make a difference when you see many companies appearing to offer the same thing. But if you look at what each company offers closely, you’ll find distinct differences. For example, Frontpoint Home Security and Protect America both have very similar websites and seem to offer the same things, but that’s not quite the case when you start comparing the two companies. After some searching, you’ll find that Protect America is the company you want to call.


Quote Criteria

Both Frontpoint and Protect America offer free quotes, and both let you customize your quote based on whether you’re trying to protect a residence or commercial property. But Frontpoint bases its quotes on only the number of doors you need to protect. Protect America bases its quotes on both doors and windows. Now, Frontpoint does provide protection and monitoring for windows, but your quote is going to be a little closer to what your actual cost will be because the criteria is more specific. You include all the windows from the start, rather than adding them in later.

Home Automation

Both Protect America and Frontpoint offer home automation services. But Frontpoint uses its own apps and separate fixtures to automate everything, while Protect America relies on Amazon’s Echo and Alexa. This offers more than a few benefits:

  • The technology is constantly updated, taking complaints and comments from a wide swathe of the public in mind. Chances are, if you’re having an issue, others are too, and Amazon tends to fix those quickly.
  • If something happens to the Echo module, it’s easy to replace in a short amount of time, thanks to Amazon’s fast shipping processes.
  • You may already have an Echo or Echo Dot at home.
  • The technology and commands are centralized.
  • Amazon offers several different Echo models, giving you the ability to further customize your home automation.

In fact, when Wirecutter evaluated the Echo versus Google Home for over a year, Amazon’s Echo and Alexa received higher ratings overall, and the website noted that Amazon’s early entry into the home automation field gave it the advantage of more time to refine operations. The site also noted how Amazon was consistently improving and adding to Alexa and the Echo’s skills:

In addition to its built-in features, the Alexa platform includes a growing list (more than 15,000 at last count) of “Skills,” akin to apps on a smartphone, that unlock capabilities such as reading recipes, ordering pizza, or calling an Uber. Not all of its Skills are useful, but the Echo still does far more than the Google Home does. The Echo is not the all-capable computer from Star Trek, but it is a smart digital assistant that’s constantly improving as Amazon adds more abilities to it.

Price Matching

Finally, Protect America is so confident in its services and that it provides the most affordable pricing that it offers a price match guarantee. If Frontpoint offers one, it’s not easy to find on their website. There is a trial period with a money-back offer, but price matching isn’t mentioned.

Price matching not only gives you a lower price so that you don’t feel like you’ve spent more money than you had to, but it also indicates how confident Protect America is in its services. The company can lower its prices to match a competitor’s because it knows that its services are so good that subscribers will want to remain with the company. That is worth more to Protect America than having higher prices than its competitors.


If you want secure, complete, professional monitoring of your home for security and general home awareness purposes, contact Protect America for that free quote. Your home should be a place where you feel safe, and Protect America is here to protect you.