Everyone has a practical person on their gift list. They are the one that asks for new slippers, a better shovel or a set of knives. Every year you find a creative gift that you think expresses your love in the best way possible. However, you see the item collect dust in the corner as the year wears on. Instead of fighting the practical person on your shopping list, give them a present they’ll use.

1. Home Security

Present your loved one with the gift of peace of mind. Home security systems are great for practical people because it’s a present they will use everyday. There are no equipment or activation fees to worry about when purchasing a security package, so cover the cost of the first few months of membership instead. If you purchase a DIY model, offer to install the system as an added bonus.

2. Snow Blower

Shoveling snow is a hassle for everyone. Show your loved one that you care by presenting them with a snow blower this holiday season. They will think of you every time they finish removing snow from their driveway with ease.

3. Kitchen Supplies

Give the practical cooks in your family various kitchen supplies. Do they always mention wanting a cast iron skillet? Did you see a food processor circled in their magazines? Do some investigating to find out what your favorite chefs are missing in their kitchens and give that item as a practical holiday gift.

4. Home Appliances

Get the practical people on your list a home appliance product that they need. Vacuum and carpet cleaners, fans, humidifiers and more are all great. Pay attention as they talk about their home to discern which items they could use the most. For example, one person may complain that the house is too dry in winter. In this case, a humidifier is the way to go.

5. Gadgets

Various gadgets are designed to make life simpler. For example, a weather monitor that tracks the phases of the moon, tells you the temperature and alerts you of a coming storm is a nifty item that your loved ones may not need but will love. Home automation systems are also great pieces of technology that will make their life easier. They will be able to control the appliances in their house from their smartphone. Home automation is a practical gift they’ll use daily. Pretty soon they’ll be wondering how they lived without it.

6. Carbon Monoxide Detectors

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, about 170 people die in the U.S. every year from carbon monoxide poisoning. CO is an odorless and colorless gas produced by the incomplete burning of various fuels. Despite the dangers of CO poisoning, not every home has a detector. Give the practical people on your list a carbon monoxide detector. Not only will they feel safer in their homes, but you will also gain peace of mind knowing your loved ones are safe.

7. Useful Gift Cards

You may think gift cards are a cop-out present. Think again! You can show how well you know the people on your list by choosing the right gift card. Don’t purchase a gift card for a random store you think they might like. Find out what gym they go to or present them with a gas card. How do the people on your list spend their money on a day-to-day basis? Help them cut down on their costs with gift cards that will pay for those essentials.

8. Winter Care Package

Winter can be a brutal season. Spread holiday cheer by gifting a winter care package. Include items like fuzzy socks, a warm throw blanket, hats, scarves and gloves.

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