The best home security system is the one that truly protects a home, and that provides peace of mind to the homeowner. But in order to get that kind of system, it’s vital to focus on all of the components that need to be included. Among those are window contacts — commonly called window sensors — and glass break sensors. There are pros and cons to these devices, but they can work together to add a higher measure of security to any system. Normally, these sensors are used in conjunction with one another, and there’s a good reason for that. They don’t do the same things.

But one of them basically takes over where the other one leaves off, which allows them to work at protecting a home more easily and thoroughly than other options may be able to do. That’s a big part of why they’re both included in a lot of home monitoring packages, so a homeowner can have the peace of mind they’re looking for, along with a high level of protection.


Why Choose a Glass Break Sensor?

Choosing a glass break sensor gives the homeowner an opportunity to be alerted to someone trying to enter the home through a window without opening it. The sensor will “hear” the glass being broken and sound an alarm. That way the homeowner will be notified, and so will the alarm company and the authorities. In most cases, the sound of the alarm going off is enough to deter a burglar or thief from continuing to try getting into the home. If they do come in, they have a higher chance of being caught if the homeowner or authorities arrive quickly.

These kinds of sensors are designed specifically to react to the sound of breaking glass, based on the pitch and frequency that produces. Sometimes they have false alarms triggered by other noises, but it’s not usually too frequent.

The glass can be replaced, and the alarm can be reset, but not having this type of alarm means a person can get unauthorized access to the house more easily. Using glass break sensors is a good way to reduce risk and raise security.

Window Contacts Provide Big Benefits

With the right security system, window contacts, or window sensors, are a part of most packages. These are important, even if the homeowner already has glass break sensors, because:

  • they alert if a window is opened
  • they work in conjunction with glass break sensors
  • they can stop an intruder from gaining access
  • they notify the alarm company, the homeowner, and the authorities
  • they are very similar to door sensors, and generally reliable

While they won’t react to breaking glass, they will react to someone actually opening the window. If it’s left unlocked, or if they break or manipulate the lock in some way, a window sensor will sound an alarm. That could cause the would-be burglar to abandon their plan, and protect the contents of the house.


Choosing a Good Security Company

It’s important to have a good security company for glass break sensors and window contacts. That way there is plenty of peace of mind, along with even more security for the house, its contents, and the people who live there. It’s common to have both types of sensors in a security system package, and homeowners would be wise to use all of their available and recommended options to make their home safer. These sensors are an important and significant part of that.

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