With the holidays just around the corner, it is important to remember that with the season’s change comes cold weather. Depending on where you live, cold weather can pose a major threat to your home. As freezing temperatures creep lower and lower, the winter season can cause unwanted harm to your dwelling. Dropping temperatures can lead to frozen pipes and serious expenses. Luckily, there’s a solution that is both simple and affordable. 

When Pipes Freeze

When temperatures drop, water freezes. This can especially be a problem for the water pipes within your home. When the water inside the pipes freeze, it tries to expand inside the pipe. Freezing water can expand up to 10 percent in volume. The freezing water pushes against the sides of the pipe, as well as any nearby valves, seams and faucets. The freezing action of the water is more than capable of rupturing any pipe. Nationwide, these losses account for hundreds of millions of dollars of unnecessary property damage each winter.

A ruptured pipe can cause extreme damage to the interior of the home. The average water damage claim is estimated at $5,500, but can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars with a broken pipe spewing gallons of water onto floors, furniture and personal property.” Perhaps you lost electrical power for several hours, the temperature inside your house fell and the pipes froze. Or maybe you left on vacation, turned down the heat and weren’t expecting an early blizzard. For this reason, we suggest getting a Freeze Sensor from Protect America. This device will safeguard your home in the event of a freeze. If you’re out of town or staying in, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your home and pets are safe and warm.

The Freeze Sensor

This durable Freeze Sensor is the perfect solution for your home in the midst of chilly weather. Our Freeze Sensors detect low temperature conditions and provide an early warning, before the freeze even happens. Upon noticing a cold front, the sensor alerts the monitoring center when the temperature in your home drops below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. With our broadband or cellular monitoring service, you can use our SMART Connect app for free. With this SMART Connect app, the monitoring center will then send you a notification via your smart phone letting you know. If you have landline service, you’ll be notified via a phone call. This way, you’ll have the advantage of acting before it’s too late. The Freeze Sensor is perfect for homes located in a cold climate.


Where Should I Place My Freeze Sensor?

In the home, you should mount the Freeze Sensor on an interior wall in an area of the house that is more likely to experience lowered temperatures first. Perhaps near a window or a poorly insulated area of the dwelling. Mount your sensor in an entryway or laundry room. Never place the sensor near furnaces, heating vents, or in other areas with excessive heat and moisture. This wireless Freeze Sensor protects against wide-ranging damage owing to undetected freezing so that you’ll never have to worry about your pipes during the winter season again.

Protect America also caters to a number of other environmental factors with corresponding sensors, such as monitored smoke alarms, CO sensors, and flood detection. At Protect America, we are driven to provide only the highest quality products and dedicated service at an affordable price. Defend your home and your wallet with Protect America.