Welcome to the beautiful month of October, folks. Whether or not you’re ready for it, autumn is here and will be in full swing shortly. Fall ushers in many wonderful things: crisp air, beautiful colors as the leaves change and pumpkin-flavored everything (literally everything…look around you). But the single most exciting development that autumn brings with it is certainly Halloween.

If you have children, we’re sure that they’re already clamoring about the house insatiably, yelling out costume ideas to whomever will listen and placing wagers on who will receive the most candy this year. While the holiday is predominantly enjoyed by the younger crowd, it’s important to remember that Halloween is also a sort of culmination point for various forms of mischief and vandalism each year. Most of this is in good fun, but when things are taken too far, the end result can be destruction of property or even personal danger. Take a look at these tips from Protect America to ensure that you and your family stay safe while having a great time this Halloween:

Protect your home

We were all kids once, and I’m sure that more than a few of us remember anticipating Halloween for something besides all that candy. The fact of the matter is, vandalism on Halloween will always be somewhat inevitable. This doesn’t mean, however, that your home needs to face these risks. While hiding in the bushes with a hose like your father used to do isn’t the worst plan that we’ve ever heard, there are more effective measures.

Consider outfitting the exterior of your home with our security cameras. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the trick-or-treaters stopping by while still keeping an eye on your property with live streams of the cameras’ recordings. Plus, with online archiving of footage, you’ll be able to prove exactly what happened in the event of any damages that might occur. If you intend to be out for the entire night with your children, you may want to leave your home protected with our window and door sensors, which can notify you if someone is tampering with entryways to your house.

Protect your family

Don’t get us wrong, we think that Halloween is a beautiful thing. There’s a certain undeniable magic to having a night dedicated entirely to dressing up in fanciful costumes and receiving small gifts from those around your community. Still, there are several unpleasant realities that must be considered.

Have a serious talk with your children in advance of the holiday about their plans for the big night and consider accompanying them on their trick-or-treating adventures. If you’ve decided that your kids are old enough to go out on their own this year, make sure that they carry cell phones with them and establish their route for the evening with you beforehand. Upon their return, inspect their candy to rule out any unwrapped or suspicious pieces among their loot.

Protect your community

If there isn’t already a neighborhood watch or similar program already in place in your community, then Halloween is the perfect time to establish one. Organize a meeting with the other adults from around your block and discuss the potential dangers of the holiday. The odds are decent that other concerned parents would be willing to help you take preventative steps, such as organizing a rotating group of adults to walk with the trick-or-treaters.