Getting married and moving into a new home within a short amount of time can cause a lot of stress. While this exciting time in your life might wear you out, you can move into your house as newlyweds with ease if you follow a few steps. Here are the most helpful tips for harmonious relocation:

Start Right Away

Begin packing and planning for your move the moment you put a down payment on a home or hand in the security deposit for an apartment. If you’re planning your wedding while this happens, carve time out in your busy schedule to work on moving tasks. Try to devote an hour or so every night to packing. The sooner you start, the less time you’ll need each day to spend on moving work.

Make a List of Your Combined Possessions

Inventory what you and your spouse have collectively. If you aren’t married yet or haven’t moved in together, then this might mean stopping by each other’s places to work as a team. Start by listing everything you own as an individual, based on room. For example, you may write “lamp,” “sofa” or “rug” under the living room category. Include a description of the item as well. It might help to make these lists on a computer spreadsheet program so you can set up several tabs: one for you, one for your spouse and a shared tab.

Don’t forget to account for your wedding gifts. If you’ll be moving soon after the wedding, don’t even bother opening the presents, as you’ll just have to repack them later.

Having a thorough list of all your possessions will make moving easier. You can estimate how much space you’ll need in the moving vehicle and you can predict the kind of homeowner’s insurance you’ll need.

Consider Your Space Allowance

Your first home may not be very large – it could even be a tiny apartment. Regardless of the type of dwelling you’ll inhabit, you might have to pare down your possessions in order to fit them inside. Several giant sofas won’t work in a small living room. Start by getting a floor plan of your new home, as it will list the square footage. Next, prioritize your belongings and keep the ones you absolutely need.

Purge Unnecessary Belongings

If you and your spouse lived independently before marriage, then you probably have duplicate items, such as cookware, furniture and electronics. Take some time to sort through those things and get rid of anything you won’t use. This process can be difficult, as you may have emotional attachments to your belongings or could feel a bias toward your objects. This is a great opportunity to practice your compromising skills.

Once you’ve decided what will stay and what will go, have a yard sale. This may help generate some money for your wedding or home repairs. Whatever you don’t manage to sell can be donated to a thrift store – keep the receipt to get a tax credit!

Prep Your Home

If you won’t be moving in right away, you should take the opportunity to prepare your new space. Clean the home or apartment top to bottom, getting all the spaces that will be hard to reach once your furniture arrives. Install your home security at this point as well. Your first night in your new home with your new spouse should feel safe. Hang smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors (one on each floor) as another safety precaution.

Get Some Help

Research various moving companies before you decide to hire one. The company should have insurance and must be licensed. Find reviews online that indicate whether or not the movers were on time, professional and fast.

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