There is a wide variety of security cameras to choose from today, and many of them are essentially screaming to be noticed by those within viewing range. In some instances, this may be acceptable, but if you want to monitor children, service workers, or other guests, you will most likely want the camera to be more discreet.


If you happen to live in any of the following cities, it is especially important to invest in a hidden camera. “Cities with the highest violent crime rates” are:

  1. Memphis, TN – 1,056.8
  2. Detroit, MI – 1,049.8
  3. Flint, MI – 907.5
  4. Stockton, CA – 889.3
  5. Anchorage, AK – 811.1
  6. Rockford, IL – 739.7
  7. Lubbock, TX – 720.2
  8. Las Vegas, NV – 696.5
  9. Nashville, TN – 665.9
  10. Little Rock, AR – 665.0

Spy cameras are available for use at home and many are built into everyday objects, such as clocks, light bulbs, and phone chargers. Many are capable of streaming photos and videos directly to your smartphone, allowing you to rest assured everything is satisfactory at home. Some of the best available options are mentioned below.

Assessing your exact security camera needs will help you choose the one that is most appropriate for you. Ideally, you will speak with a professional to have your needs assessed, which can go a long way in making sure you choose a system that can truly meet all of your needs. Here at Protect America, we value your safety above anything and everything and we want to help you pick out a security camera that leaves you feeling protected. We’ve completed research on some of the latest hidden security cameras and we’ve chosen a few we think you should know about. Check out our helpful guide below to see which hidden camera you think is best for your home.

VOTECOM Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Clock

This clock has it all. Motion detection alerts, live video streaming, and inconspicuous design. The clock looks as if it belongs in your bedroom, kitchen or living room, giving you multiple options to place it throughout your home. Once placed in your home, you have the ability to monitor your home, giving you the ultimate peace of mind. The camera has the capability to connect to Wi-Fi to allow a real-time view through the VOTECOM app. A Micro SD card can be purchased to record footage on, and a schedule can be preset to monitor at a specific time of day.


Conbrov T10 HD

The Conbrov is an excellent motion-activated choice for those wanting a discreet camera with the ability to capture high-quality video day or night. The design is that of a picture frame, but its camera is capable of watching all over your home. The footage is in 720-pixel high definition and includes a date and time stamp on every clip. A setting on the camera allows you to have a continuous recording for 30 hours straight or an option to record when motion is detected. The Conbrov T10 can capture nighttime video up to 25 feet away and does not give off any light.

FreedomFox Electronics Nanny Cam

If you are on a budget, this hidden camera is designed to look like a phone charger base. What’s really cool is that it actually does charge your phone. It allows you to keep an eye on your personal belongings via a built-in camera that captures motion-activated video. The camera is well hidden and no one would be suspicious of a phone charger placed anywhere in your home. The Nanny Cam has a built-in 32GB memory card that holds four hours of video and records in 1080 pixel high definition when it senses movement. Worth mentioning is how user-friendly this device is. It requires no setup, so it’s ready to go right out of the box.


As we said before, the market is huge and there are literally thousands of different types of hidden cameras to choose from. Contact Protect America today to learn more about getting your home or business protected with a top-rated security system.