Modern technology is changing the way that humans interact with just about everything, including home security. Go back just a little while and locks were the only things protecting a home. A few decades later, homeowners started installing peepholes. But now, home security systems utilize tiny cameras, motion sensors and remote controls. The best part about these advances is that you can put the devices to good use whether you’ve left your house for a few hours or a couple of weeks. If you’ll be out of town for a while, use these high-tech tips to secure your home:

Upgrade the Standard Peephole

Ever since their invention, peepholes have given homeowners a way to look outside. However, the modern age has found a way to digitize this tiny window. You can do this by fitting a device – which is a sort of camera with a screen – over your existing peephole to give you an enhanced view of the world beyond the door. The LCD screen corrects the fish-eye effect caused by standard peepholes to bring you a more natural image. This device is sure to help you out when you’re at home and aid those who watch the house while you’re away.

Cover Your Windows 

You might have been told to draw the curtains while you’re away to prevent burglars from peeping in. While this strategy could work, you may want to trade out the shades for a different kind of covering. Security window film is nearly smash-proof, totally tear resistant and completely transparent. Made of layers of polyester or vinyl, the window film can also help to hold shattered glass together should someone break the pane. Homeowners have used this product for anti-theft and storm protection purposes.

Monitor From Afar

Home alarm monitoring systems that use a SMART Connect app allow you to keep tabs on your house even if you aren’t there. You can watch live video feed from your smartphone, computer or tablet, or access archived footage at a later time. The app also alerts you if your alarm system is triggered. Monitored security is connected to a monitoring center. When your home is infiltrated, the workers at the center are notified. They then verify the situation with you and alert authorities. This way you won’t have to worry about calling the police in an emergency when you’re out of town. Furthermore, this system lets you arm or disarm the security system in case someone needs to get inside while you’re away.

Camouflage Your Absence

Your home is less likely to be targeted by burglars if they believe you are inside. Home automation allows you to control various appliances remotely to mimic your typical living patterns. For example, plug your television into the appliance module – the device that sends radio waves to your smartphone – and turn it on and off from your SMART Connect app. Turn the television on at times you normally would be watching it so that an outside observer won’t suspect the house is empty. You can also do this with lights or a radio.

Control Door Access

Purchase a gadget that allows you to lock and unlock your door from your smartphone. This device slides over your current deadbolt, so very little installation is required. You may then use the app on your smartphone to open the door whenever you need to. For example, if you have asked a friend to come over and pick up your mail or feed your cat while you’re on vacation. However, you might feel uneasy giving this person your keys. The automatic locking system will give you control to let them in remotely.

Digitize Your Mail

Instead of stopping mail delivery while you’re away, have it converted to a digital version. Companies that provide the service have the mail sent to them and then email you an image of the envelope. You can either have them shred the paper version or forward it to another address.