The Holidays are a great time for many families and cultures across the world. It’s a time to spend time with the family and be thankful for what we have. Unfortunately during the Holidays, there is always a rise in crime. Depending on your location, and home type; you will need to take various precautions when protecting your home so it’s important to learn situational crime prevention.

Christmas Home Security

Home security during Christmas time is important. Burglars know that homes are full of presents and gifts so they keep a closer eye on homes to burglarize them.  Burglars are not as dumb as we’d like them to be, so we have to make sure to protect our even more during the holidays. Holiday security is a must!

Make sure nice presents and expensive home furnishings are not visible from outside of a window. Hide all gifts from the sight and visibility of a burglar.

Another way to make sure your home is secured during Christmas time is to get your home’s furnace or fireplace tested. You want to make sure you are not affected by carbon monoxide. Early detection with a carbon monoxide detector from Protect America will make all the difference. Keep your family safe from all dangers during this holiday season.

Car & Shopping Safey

Protect your gifts while shopping. Do not leave your shopping bags in your cars back or front seats, especially if your windows are not tinted. Hide all shopping bags and gifts while you’re in your car and place them in your trunk where they will be safe under lock and key.

Keep your shopping money and credit cards in a safe spot while doing your holiday shopping. Some cities have people who pickpocket and you also risk the chance of dropping money or your credit cards. Place them in a safe and easy spot to get to know.

Protect your home, money, and family, this holiday season. For more information on how to get a free home security system from Protect America, simply give us a call at the number located at the top of the page.