How do you control all your Apple smart home devices? It can be a challenge, especially when different manufacturers are making different things. Apple has created an answer to this, by developing the Apple Homekit. The Apple Homekit is a modular system that is designed to create a “common language” interface through which different modules can be added.

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Home Alarm Systems With Apple Homekit

The core of the Apple Homekit is iOS. That’s it. You just need an iOS device.

HomeKit doesn’t require you to purchase and configure a central hub, even if you have several dozen smart-home devices. All you need is your iOS device, Apple’s Home app, and whatever HomeKit-compatible products you choose to start with. 

In addition to general smart systems, such as thermostats, the Homekit also integrates a variety of alarms, locks, sensors, and video games. These include:

  • Onelink hardwired smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Online environment monitors
  • Elgato wireless motion sensor
  • Elgato door and window contact sensor
  • Logitech indoor/outdoor cameras
  • Logitech wired security cameras

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    In order to create a home alarm system with Apple Homekit,  you would purchase an iOS system and all of its individual modules separately. It is best used with a dedicated tablet or other Apple-based device, as that device is going to be used to control the entirety of the system.

    Compatibility With Other Systems

    But the Apple Homekit doesn’t just work with those services, it can also be integrated into other security alarms such as Honeywell. Any manufacturer that supports the Apple Homekit can be integrated, but it’s up to manufacturers to provide that support.

    The Upsides and Downsides

    For those who want to create a smart, secured home, the Apple Homekit does offer some DIY options. But without monitoring, the security system itself is not as useful as it could be. Though you can create a security solution through the module-by-module setup that Apple provides, you’re going to have to monitor it on your own. That means that you may not have any response in the event that there is a break in. And even though you don’t need an actual central hub, you do need to have an iOS device — an Android device simply won’t work.

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    Apple HomeKit Accessories: What Are My Options?

    The Apple HomeKit communicates with other smart home devices so homeowners can find ease and simplicity. By now you’re probably wondering what Apple HomeKit accessories are available for your device. You’ll be happy to know you have a wide range of options for your home. While the Apple HomeKit may not be able to communicate with as many devices as Google Assistant or Amazon’s line of Echo products, the products it’s compatible with is still impressive.

    Using Apple HomeKit outlets gives you the freedom to call on Siri for hands-free control. This welcomes automation to a range of appliances, like lamps or coffee makers.

    For extra security, connect the Apple HomeKit to your door’s smart locks. This lets you lock up and unlock the house on your way out or inside. Other cool security features include asking Siri whether the door is open, closed or locked and unlocked. Keep your home comfortable at all hours of the day by integrating the HomeKit with your thermostat. Connecting the two devices lets you control the temperature with just the sound of your voice.

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    Enjoy The Simplicity Of Home Automation With Protect America

    The Apple Homekit is, at its core, really a smart home solution. Though it can be integrated into some security services, it’s not as ideal for those purposes as it could be. For more information about developing an Apple smart home and integrating your security system, contact the experts at Protect America.

    We’ll ask you questions about your home to make sure you can find the right products for your needs. With Protect America, you expand your connected home into something so much more than a property that completes commands from the sound of your voice. Our security packages will keep your humble abode professionally monitored 24/7, so you and your loved ones are protected around the clock. From security cameras to medical alert pendants, our security packages have something for everyone. And because we don’t believe our customers should have to pay for equipment they don’t want, we keep our packages customizable.