With nearly 8 million property crimes in the US each year alone, it is no wonder that home security systems are becoming commonplace in all areas throughout the country. When you are considering a new home alarm system for your home, comparing security companies is imperative before finalizing your decision on which provider to trust.


Researching home security companies near you and comparing your options allows you to make an informed decision when signing on with a new service, regardless of the type of home security system you envision for your family.

When your home does not have an active alarm installed, it is 300% more likely to become a target of criminals who are looking to burglarize a property.

Monthly Costs and Fees

Selecting a home security company is highly dependent on the overall monthly costs and fees each requires. Compare monthly fees of local home security companies and read online reviews to learn more about potential unexpected fees or surcharges you are likely to receive when committing to the company over time.

While some home security companies charge well over $100-200 each month for monitoring services, companies such as Protect America offer 24/7 monitoring solutions for as little as $30 each month.

Monitored Vs. Unmonitored Solutions

Choosing between monitored and unmonitored home security is one of the biggest decisions you will make as a homeowner searching for a home security company. Monitored solutions automatically alert police or the appropriate local authorities whenever an alarm has been set off in your home due to a break-in or breach.

While most unmonitored solutions for home security are much cheaper and do not require a monthly fee, you are solely responsible for keeping an eye on your system and filing any and all reports to the authorities as needed. Unmonitored solutions also require you to record and store video using your own setup rather than relying on the service itself to back up your system’s data to the cloud.

Contractual Agreements and Requirements

Home security companies often have standard contractual agreements in place that require customers to commit to a minimum of 36 months or three years when obtaining service for the first time. While unmonitored home security solutions do not require contractual agreements, they also do not provide 24/7 monitoring which is essential to feel truly safe and protected even when you are out of town or unavailable to monitor your home yourself.

Be sure to inquire about contract requirements, as some home security companies require customers to sign a six-year, or 60-month contract to get started.


Cancellation Policies

Review cancellation policies of local home security companies near you to determine which solution is right for you and your family. Even if you are unsatisfied with your home security company and the service it provides, you may still be financially liable for the remaining balance of what you owe according to your current contract should you choose to terminate your service.

Moving Fees

Determine whether the home security companies near you charge additional moving fees should you choose to move to a new home and want to transfer your service.

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