What Are Your Options For A Home Alarm System If You Live In An Apartment

Living in an apartment community has both advantages and disadvantages, like anything else. Some people love the built-in community, the convenience, the lack of maintenance costs and community features like pools, gyms and more.

Downsides include neighbors with differing musical tastes and sleep schedules, and potential security issues that come with frequently trafficked areas. Even in so-called “good” neighborhoods, break-ins happen. In fact, apartment communities are often more vulnerable because it’s more difficult to discern who is who and who doesn’t belong there.


Granted, in tighter-knit communities you do have some built-in security. For example, you have help closer at hand in the event of an attempted burglary if someone is home.

However, most thieves aren’t looking for a confrontation. They are looking for an easy score. Apartment communities make it easy for a would-be thief, or group of thieves to stalk the area and determine the best targets. A skilled thief can gain entry into your apartment more quickly and inconspicuously than you think.

There are plenty of safety precautions you can take to help you protect your space and belongings. Here are just a few tips to help you keep your apartment burglar resistant:

  • Get to know your neighbors. This isn’t always easy in busy times, but it pays to develop a rapport. It helps you (and them) get a better feel for what is and isn’t normal. It also makes it more likely they will pay attention and act if they see something amiss.
  • Don’t show off your belongings. Bragging about your latest high-tech setup or keeping your valuables visible and in easy view is risky. Keep your stuff on the down low.
  • Don’t be everyone’s friend. On social media, that is. Be discerning and avoid posting photos of your new stuff, or your vacation pics — thieves use social media to stalk their victims. They know when you’re out of town and they know you just got a Nintendo Switch for Christmas. Not good.
  • Keep your place locked up. Seems like a no-brainer — but some thefts do occur simply due to opportunity and unlocked doors. Lock your windows, place dowels in them to keep them secure even if the lock doesn’t hold. Always lock your front door. Keep blinds closed to discourage snooping and scouting.

Security Systems For Your Apartment

When it comes to your apartment, there are three main options for security. Your decision will be based on preference, your location and your budget.

Option number one is a monitored security system. Many people don’t realize that this is an option for them, but it is. Today’s monitored systems have come a long way. They are wireless, easy to install yourself and don’t require drilling holes that would violate your lease. This is an important factor, as many people assume that drilling holes and running wires and professional installation are necessary. They can also be moved from one location to another without the need to cancel a contract.

The second option is a non-monitored alarm that sounds when a door or window is open or some other trigger happens. These types of alarms will certainly get the attention of your neighbors — and your landlord. This will, of course, ideally result in the police being called. The downside here is that you are still dependent on neighbors or staff to make that call — and it may also violate your lease.

Finally, you have surveillance. A quality surveillance system can not only deter thieves, but also help law enforcement catch thieves. However, it won’t necessarily stop a burglary and it won’t always get your stuff back.


What Is The Right Choice?

Given the technological advancements and in security and the affordability of modern systems, monitored home security is the ideal choice. It allows you freedom and peace of mind. You know your home is protected — and today’s wireless and smart home technology allows you to create a custom security package that works for you. Combining monitoring and surveillance for even more peace of mind, as well as a system that can be controlled remotely, along with other functions means you can sleep well at night knowing your home is safe.

Everyone should have access to quality home security, no matter where home is.


To learn more about your apartment security options. contact Protect America today.