Choosing an optimal home alarm system for your household and family often requires a thorough understanding of what you are receiving as well as the type of equipment you have selected. Whether you are looking into CCTV devices, sensors, and home automation or if you simply want to install a few exterior cameras around your home, determining the best route to take financially is possible with a bit of research and comparison of top providers in the industry today. With more than 19% of all property crimes reported in 2016 being labeled as a burglary, it is no wonder the need for home security is still on the rise. 


Installation Fees

One of the biggest initial investment required with a new home alarm system is a traditional installation fee. Installation fees are required upfront when signing on with a new security company.

Most home alarm companies charge new customers anywhere from $300 to more than $1200 to install new equipment and activate your monitoring service.

Prices differ based on the company you have chosen, the package you request, and the number of devices you need installed during the service. However, companies including Protect America offer an alternative to paying installation fees, eliminating them while allowing you to complete the install process on your own in under one hour (with a phone walkthrough to activate).

Upfront and Additional Equipment Charges and Service Fees

In some cases, home security companies also charge new customers with a service fee regardless of the type of system you are interested in installing. Some of the most common additional fees customers are charged with when signing on with a security monitoring service include:

  • Installation fees
  • Fees for additional cameras and sensors
  • "Service call" fees even if your equipment is not working properly
  • Upgrade charges if you are looking to add new devices and equipment to your current plan
  • Penalty fees or a requirement to pay your balance in full if you cancel your service within the term limits of any contractual agreement you sign


Monthly Rates and Contractual Agreements

Consider whether or not you are required to sign a contractual agreement with the security company of your choice, as well as how long the contract is for new customers. Compare monthly rates and which plan available offers the most service for your investment. Before choosing a monitoring service that is right for you and your family be sure to calculate the overall cost of each option before making a decision. 

Once you have a clear idea of the type of home alarm system you need, reach out to companies who are willing to provide you with the services you require without breaking your bank account. Are you looking to get started with a home alarm system that truly fits your lifestyle? Contact ProtectAmerica today to get your free quote while learning more about our DIY installation process and affordable rates that are sure to keep you and your family safe at all times without causing financial stress.