Having a security system is a guaranteed way to experience peace of mind when you are at home. However, there are various options on the market that provide much flexibility in terms of backing out when you want and being able to switch to a different system. While the standard option would be to get a security contract from a large company, there are also no-contract options from various other security companies as well. However, no-contract security alarm systems may be a better option for you in the long run.


Whether you opt for a contracted system or a no-contract system, having a system in place is the most important thing. Check out these statistics to learn about the value of having a home security system installed:

  • 85% of all residential burglaries usually occur when the home is unoccupied and 65% of these were forced entries.
  • Latest crime statistics for the United States indicate that there is a burglary every twelve seconds resulting in over 3.1 billion dollars in property and person loss annually.
  • In metropolitan areas there were 4,975 offenses per 100,000 inhabitants; suburban areas reported 4,987 offenses per 100,000 inhabitants; and in rural areas, there were 1,998 per 100,000 inhabitants.

Here’s a look at the pros and cons to be considered when shopping the market for the right security plan.

Back Out Anytime

One of the best pros of purchasing a no-contract security alarm system is that you can back out at any time. Most large companies require that you sign a contract and fulfill a certain amount of time before you can cancel. No-contract security alarm systems allow you the flexibility to cancel if you feel as if your property does not require monitoring services during that time. No-contract security alarm systems also don’t normally experience rate hikes, which means you will be paying for the same amount as you did during the beginning. If you choose a security system from Protect America, you do have to sign a contract, but we take the hassle out of having to worry about whether or not your rates are going to hike. How do we this? We off locked-in rates! It’s a win-win. You get to rest easy knowing your home is being protected by an industry leader in home security and you don’t have to fret about your rates going up.

Additional Fees

Unfortunately, every service comes with its pros and cons. One of the cons of no-contract security systems is that you will have to pay extra for technicians to come and install the devices on your property. While some individuals have the experience to install a system themselves, most people will certainly have to rely on technicians to get the job done right. This also means that you will be out of luck if the monitoring devices become damaged. Some companies provide a warranty while others don’t. Be sure to read the fine print while you are searching the market for the right security choice. Here at Protect America, we offer installation and there’s no need to dig deep into your pocket to pay for our installation services. Why? Because we offer free installation.


Security Is Important

There are many pros and cons to be had when considering taking security into your own hands. If you are seeking the contractual freedom to select the no-contract security alarm system and don’t mind paying extra for installation and repair fees, then the no-contract option might just be the option for you. Regardless if it is contracted or not, finding the right security system is important to keeping your family safe from potential robberies. Do your part and invest in a security system that will keep your loved ones safe and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Here at Protect America, our primary goal is to make sure you are protected with a security system that can fully meet all of your security needs. We have an assortment of packages to choose from and we are here around the clock to ensure you are receiving the protection you deserve. Call us today for a free quote.