Protect America offers all three types of monitoring; landline, broadband and cellular. Each type of monitoring has a benefit, but how do you decide which one is right for you? In the following blog article, we will break down all three types of home alarm monitoring services.

Standard Landline Monitoring

This type of monitoring is the most common, and also the oldest type of home security monitoring. Your alarm system uses your phone line to connect alarms and events to the monitoring station. One benefit from having standard landline monitoring would be that you can place the system anywhere there is a phone jack in the home. One downfall would be that a lot of burglars now that they can simply cut your phone line so that it wont make a connection with the monitoring station. This situation would only be if they cut it from the out side. If they enter the home and the alarm goes off then they cut it, the monitoring station will still get the alarm and still send the authorities.

Broadband Monitoring

Broadband monitoring service are provided through your internet service. All you do is connect your alarm system with the custom Ethernet cord from Protect America directly into your modem or router. Broadband monitoring is also know as the fastest type of monitoring. If your alarm system sounds an alarm, it will automatically send a signal right then to the monitoring station. Rather than dialing up like a landline connection, it will send the signal immediately as long as your internet is connected and running well.

Broadband can also be connected our interactive service. You can control your system with our Smart Connect technology from your smartphone or PC.

Cellular Monitoring

Cellular monitoring also sometimes called wireless monitoring operates purely off of a cellular connection. This means you don’t need a phone or internet service to have a monitored security system. You can simply plug your system into a power outlet for it to be active. The cellular home security system carries a GSM module, just like the ones some cellphones have. It sends and receives signals using cell towers.

Cellular monitoring is the most up to date and is quickly becoming more popular. A lot of people don’t want to spend extra money on phone or internet services so this system not only provides convenience but also savings. You can also have our interactive services for this type of monitoring. Control your system from anywhere using your cellphone or PC.

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