If you live in the city of Houston, TX and have a home security system that calls the police department when it is triggered, you will have to get a home alarm city of Houston permits.


What is a Home Alarm Permit?

Since everybody is installing alarm systems in their homes, the number of false alarms ringing into 911 centers across the country have risen uncontrollably.  A home alarm permit registers your alarm with the city so they can track how many false alarms are reported for a single address every year.

If you don’t have a home alarm permit, the police department is not obligated to respond to any alarm call originated by your alarm system or monitoring center.

Do I have to Apply in Person?

While it feels like it’s just one more bureaucratic hurdle to get in your way of enjoying the peace of mind a monitored home security system provides, getting your alarm permit is really no big thing. You can download an application, fill it out, and even pay online.  However, you will have to wait for the city of Houston permits to be mailed to you.

The permit asks for:

  • Personal information and address
  • The type of alarm you installed
  • What company monitors the system
  • Who the police can call in case of a real emergency

If you want your permit in hand immediately, you can bring your completed application down to the Houston Permitting Center located at 1002 Washington Avenue in Houston.  The fee structure is subject to change, so check their website or give them a call before you head downtown.

Does it Matter Which Alarm System I Have?

While every single alarm must be permitted in the City of Houston, it does make a big difference which alarm you install. Why? If you hired a fly-by-night company to install your system, it’s possible that faulty equipment will cause false alarms to be called into the police station on a regular basis.  After the first 3 alarms, the city will start sending you a bill for each incident.  After 7 false alarms, they can rescind your permit which means that the police don’t have to respond to your call for help.

Houston Texas Security

Reputable alarm companies with a UL listed monitoring center–like the one that Protect America operates–place significantly fewer false alarms than less well-known firms. This means that not only do you receive superior equipment, excellent support during installation, and prompt response to tripped alarms, your system is less likely to have its permit pulled after it calls the cops every 4th of July.

What about My Self-Monitored System?

Yes, even if you don’t pay for remote monitoring you will need to register your alarm.  The regulations have stipulations regarding sirens, the length of time an alarm can sound without acknowledgment, and even regarding securing your property against pests that can trip an alarm by accident.

In the end, you have to pay for an alarm permit.  You will avoid additional fees when your equipment is provided by a reliable home security firm and you have it further protected by a reliable monitoring and service center.