Installing a home alarm shouldn’t be difficult, but one of the things many homeowners don’t realize is that they may need a permit. If they do, they’ll want to get it before they get the system. Failing to do that could set them up for charges and fees, and could also mean that they have to have the system removed until it’s properly permitted. It’s generally best to make sure all applicable laws are followed — and that will protect the homeowner’s interests, as well. Harris County home alarm permits aren’t that difficult to obtain, but the key for any homeowner is being up front about what they’re doing and getting the permit ahead of time.


Finding Out What Kind of Permit is Needed

In Harris County, homeowners who have a monitored alarm system need a permit for a security alarm, a fire alarm, or a combination of the two. What they specifically need depends on the type of alarm system they have, or if they’re making changes to that system and getting something else, instead. They also have to renew the permit, in order to make sure they have the right one and that it’s still active. That’s because fire and police departments respond to a number of false alarms each year, and they want to reduce the number of these.

By registering for a home security system permit, the county knows whether a person has an alarm system or not. That can help them reduce false alarms and work with the homeowner to better determine whether something is a true emergency.

Make Sure To Go To the Right Place

Fortunately, it’s very easy to get a home alarm permit. It can be done online, where a homeowner can sign up for an account and then apply to get or renew a permit. By making the process easy, customers can get what they need without being required to travel to a specific location. The fee for a new permit is $35, and to renew a permit it costs $10. Homeowners who have questions can also contact the county so they can get the important information they need before applying for a permit or a renewal.


Choosing the Best Alarm Company for Specific Needs

Once a homeowner has a permit, they can have an alarm installed. To do that, they want to make sure they’re choosing the right company. In considering who to contract with, homeowners should look for:

  • reliable protection
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • ease of installation
  • good customer service
  • value for the money spent
  • high quality equipment

All home alarm companies should offer those things, but some of them don’t provide the quality a homeowner is really looking for. Additionally, some companies charge much more for what they offer than their competitors, which can be frustrating and leave a homeowner paying too much. Overall, it’s better to pay less for monitoring as long as the homeowner is getting everything they need.

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