So, instead of investing in a reputable home security system, you decide to by a yard sign that says, “This Home is protected by the Acme Security Company.” You bought that sign and accompanying window stickers on line.  Does the sign actually deter the wily burglar? (Spoiler alert: It doesn’t; especially if the company doesn’t exist.)

Here are three among the many vendors where you can buy fake home security signs:


1. has a large selection.

This site offers a variety of warning signs ranging from generic warning to decoy security home protection yard signs. The generic property security signs offered on this site are range from “No trespassing” to a range of rather useful security notices for industry and government.

The decoy security signs are likewise generic. They warn intruders with yard signs that read, for example,  “Protected by Home Security System—24 Hour Surveillance.” Most of the generic signs are currently priced at $18.75.

2. sells “Secured by ADT” signs

This site advertises “high quality ADT signs.” For $49.95 (plus $9.14 shipping to Colorado customers) you get two 10-inch signs, two metal stakes, screws, and 10 ADT window stickers.

The site makes no mention of whether prospective customers should actually have the ADT security monitoring system installed, or if there are any issues of trademark infringement.

3. bundles fake security signs

For a total price of $28.78 (plus shipping), you buy the following:

  • A home security system alarm yard sign and 5 alarm static cling stickers. Each purports that the property is protected by central monitoring installed by a fictitious security company.
  • A fake security camera with 30 illuminating LEDs with a similarly bogus First Alert Video Security Surveillance yard sign.

One reason you shouldn’t buy decoy signs or dummy cameras

Many homeowners bluff their home security measures by using dummy equipment such as fake surveillance cameras to deter burglars…[but] burglars can tell the difference between real and fake equipment… web article, Avoid These Four Common Foolish Home Security Mistakes

The obvious reason not to buy fake security signs is that they provide a dubious deterrence and absolutely no protection if the intruder is not fooled.  Also, those fake yard signs, decals, and dummy cameras might lull the homeowner into a false sense of security.

The fake signs and equipment may be better than nothing, but thieves who do their homework. The can check the Internet to see if companies like “VBC Security System”—one of the security signs for sale by—are actually real.


Go for the real deal instead

Gone are the days when installing a home alarm system meant drilling into drywall and stringing wires everywhere.  We live in a connected, wireless world, and systems go far beyond intrusion alarms with state-of-the-arm equipment centered around total home protection.

Interested in monitored home security that backs up those real warning signs, decals, and security cameras? Get a free quote from Protect America.