One integral piece of a complete home security system, the home alarm, sometimes becomes the forgotten piece. It provides an important in-home and neighbor alert though. While the motion sensor on the window trips the silent alarm to the monitoring service and police, the home alarm siren alerts those in the home allowing them to enter the safe room and avoid contact with the intruder.


What to Look for in a Home Siren

If you’re thinking of the flashing lights on top of a squad car, the sound is close, but you won’t have the literal large light strobing in your living room, unless you install a disco ball. The basic items to look for in a home siren include:

  • really, obscenely loud sound, between 100 and 115 decibels (dBs),
  • easily linked to your system’s motion sensors,
  • long-lasting batteries,
  • backup batteries,
  • simple mounting,
  • weather-resistant control box and panel,
  • indoor/outdoor use.

About the sound level: to give you a clear idea of how loud 100 to 115 dBs really is, that’s like running a snowmobile or power saw inside your living room. Firms design these sirens to scare the daylights out of a burglar. According to crime statistics, the majority of burglars want to smash and grab, but avoid confrontation. Simple theft carries a much lighter sentence than anything involving physical contact. Knowing that their presence has been detected and reported acts as a deterrent to most intruders.

According to crime statistics, the majority of burglars want to smash and grab, but avoid confrontation. Simple theft carries a much lighter sentence than anything involving physical contact.

Home Alarm Siren Options

It’s a smart idea to install both an outdoor and indoor siren. We’ll review a few of the top choices here.

  • Fortrezz SSA- Siren and Strobe Alarm Module: easy installation that works standalone or with a Z-Wave compatible security system for a really loud alarm,
  • Potter/Amseco SSX-52 Indoor/Outdoor Self-Contained Siren: easy installation, anti-tampering design, works indoors or outdoors, really loud, blue strobe light,
  • SECO-LARM SL-126Q/B Blue Security Strobe Light: provides extreme brightness, high visibility, a 300- to 500-hour light life, easy installation,
  • Streetwise Strobe Motion Alarm and Chime with Remote: remote controlled, really loud, strobe light and can detect motion at up to 30 feet distance.


How Protect America Helps

Protect America, a monitored home security company, offers zero installation fees, locked-in rates and a price-match guarantee. Although it does provide equipment, the company also monitors devices by other manufacturers. Consumers can get started for only $30 per month with a 36-month contract. That provides 24-hour, 7 days a week, professionally monitored home security. Consumers Digest named Protect America a Best Buy nine times for its equipment and service.

Established in 1992, Protect America offers nationwide service. It’s the 14th largest residential home security company in the US. Protect America makes a continuing firm commitment to protecting homes and families through monitored home security. It provides a direct-to-consumer service, sending individuals, businesses and families their home security systems and guiding them through the do-it-yourself installation procedure. The consumer receives up to $1,400 in free equipment. The company offers a Price Match Guarantee. If the consumer can find a better deal, Protect America matches it.

Interested in monitored home security? Get a free quote from Protect America by phone or online. Protect America can help monitor standalone devices already installed, too. Monitoring provides an important aspect since it ensures someone always looks at the feed. If someone does approach the home, even with a jamming device, they’re seen and reported. That keeps you and your family safer.