Home alarm systems are any device that monitors access to a residence. If unauthorized access is detected, the alarm system alerts users with an electronic notification (usually text or email), sound, lights, or some combination of the three. Interested customers have a wide variety of options at their disposal, including wireless home security systems from Protect America. Wireless home alarm systems also have the convenient customization options, like smoke detectors and interactive surveillance.

Protect America Wireless Home Alarm Systems

Without a doubt, Protect America offers the best available deal for wireless home alarm systems. Simply order a monthly monitoring solution and you’ll receive a FREE wireless home security system. Protect America also waives activation fees and, since you install the system yourself, there is no installation cost! Home alarm systems offered by other companies can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars in upfront costs. Choose a company that cuts costs without sacrificing quality. Choose Protect America for the security of your home!

Home Alarm System Monitoring

There are three commonly available forms of monitoring for home alarm systems: landline, broadband, and cellular. Each monitoring option has its own benefits but a customer’s choice will largely depend on location, provider options, and existing technology in the home.

Landline home security monitoring has been around for years and is offered by most home security companies. This option uses a landline phone connection to link an alarm system to a monitoring station. Landline monitoring is generally slower than alternatives but it is generally available to most home security customers because of the proliferation of landline phone service.

Broadband monitoring is based on a home’s existing Internet service and allows for more features than landline. When Protect America customers choose broadband (or cellular) monitoring, they also receive interactive access to their system for no additional cost. This feature lets users arm or disarm their system from any smartphone or computer. Any unauthorized intrusion attempts will result in an electronic notification to your phone and email address. Broadband monitoring also has the benefit of a lighting quick connection which signals our monitoring signal up to four times faster than landline connections.

Cellular monitoring uses wireless signals and cell towers to maintain a connection with a monitoring center. While broadband and landline monitoring require a separate monthly utility bill, cellular monitoring does not. Homes with existing alarm systems can also take advantage of cellular by using a takeover device that adds monitoring to your already installed equipment.

Home Alarm System Reviews

Reviews for home alarm systems can be tricky as many companies post their own positive reviews to third-party sites. Many reputable consumer products reviewers steer clear of home security all together. Protect America has been named the number one home security company in the nation for the past six years by Top Consumer Reviews. The company’s Copper Security Package received special recognition as a Consumers Digest ‘Best Buy’ for its value and high performance.