Today’s modern home automation tools are extremely easy to implement in most environments. Many devices include step-by-step guidance with customer service if you need additional support. There are hundreds of various home automation products available on the market. However, there are five core elements that stand out when it comes to home automation for seniors that we will go into further detail below.

Home Automation Devices for Seniors

Integrated Security System

Intricate home security systems are a thing of past. Today’s systems do not require a mess of wires, nor do they tack on an exorbitant monthly monitoring fee. Today’s top systems are simple to install and only require a few minutes to set up and use. Protect America is a top choice according to Best Company. You can link your home security system with other smart devices. A few examples include cameras, door locks, garage door controllers and thermostats. Furthermore, you can access these devices from your smartphone from wherever you are at any point in time. Monitoring prices start at $19.99 per month, which makes Protect America one of the most affordable options for securing and automating your home.

Home Automation for Seniors: Smart Video Doorbells

Imagine this scenario. You’ve just settled comfortably on your couch or it’s late at night. Then, all of a sudden, your doorbell rings. Do you answer the door? A smart video doorbell allows you to check who is at the door via your smartphone without getting up from the couch.

A smart video doorbell can also provide a better sense of security whether you are home or away. This is a huge plus for seniors when it comes to home automation. Through your smartphone app, you can receive realtime notifications when someone presses your doorbell or triggers a built-in motion sensor. Most smart video doorbells also feature two-way communication, which allows you to both hear and speak to your guests from your computer or phone.

Smart Lighting Home Automation for Seniors

Smart lightbulbs are possibly the easiest home automation tool for seniors. Furthermore, they are just as easy to install as normal lightbulbs. Like smart video doorbells, smart lightbulbs are a great asset regardless of whether you are home or away. You can turn your lights on or off at any moment, or schedule them at set intervals so you never arrive home in the dark. Phillips Hue provides some of the most popular bulbs. While the price may add up quickly, they will save you money on your electric bill in the long run.

Smart Medical Alert Devices

Let’s face it. The thought of falling or needing emergency response is a frightening reality for seniors. However, it doesn’t need to hinder your ability to enjoy an active lifestyle. Medical alert devices help you maintain your independence and offer much-needed peace of mind.

Basic systems include a help button that you can access in the home. Today’s smart devices allow you to take them virtually anywhere within range of your system hub. Protect America offers an extensive line of life safety devices, which includes a petite medical alert pendant.

Smart Thermostats

Whether you’re eco-conscious or on a budget, a smart thermostat makes it easy to keep your home at an ideal temperature and your energy costs to a minimum. Smart thermostats, like the Nest thermostat, are designed to learn your temperature preferences and daily schedule so it can adjust automatically.

One of the best things about the Nest thermostat is its cost efficiency and easy installation. It generally takes half an hour to install in a few simple steps. While the thermostat costs around $250, there are no monthly or recurring fees. Additionally, a smart thermostat can save you on energy costs each month, meaning the device eventually pays for itself.

Closing Thoughts About Home Automation for Seniors

While new technology may seem intimidating at first, these five options can help you safely and quickly automate your home.