One of the reasons that humans have survived so long on this earth is because we have developed the capacity to defend ourselves against other predator species. While you likely won’t get too much trouble from animal attacks in your neighborhood these days, the common burglar ensures that we never quite lose the skill of home defense.


According to home security experts, nearly 80 percent of all home invasions begin through the following access points:

  • Front door (34 percent)
  • First-floor windows (23 percent)
  • Back door (22 percent)

Other popular points of entry that criminals use to access a home are the garage, basement and second-story windows. Armed with this knowledge, it’s not hard to come up with a strategy to keep your family and property safe. Some of the best home security plans are a combination of traditional and modern tactics. Let’s look at the top five options for 2018.

1) Install a High-Quality Iron Door

You’ve just moved your family into your new construction home that is filled with costly items that you’ve worked hard to obtain as well as those irreplaceable things that have sentimental value. One of the first actions that you should take is to replace your low-quality, builder-grade exterior doors with ones that are more substantial. Premium iron doors allow you to protect your home from kick-in-the-door style home invasions without you having to turn your dwelling into an unattractive bunker. These doors often come with higher quality hardware and locks, which you should definitely choose if available. Today’s metal doors come in a variety of styles that accommodate both traditional and contemporary home designs.

2) Get a Doorbell Camera

While the common home burglar usually waits until people leave home during the day to rob their house, more ruthless home invaders often work at night and intend harm to the home’s inhabitants. They have been known to simply knock on the door and force entry after someone unwittingly opens the door to answer the knock. Many security companies carry doorbells that have integrated video cameras and two-way audio speakers to eliminate the element of surprise when someone approaches your property. Doorbell cameras are usually equipped with motion sensors that can alert you to an intruder and allow you to warn them about further security actions that will take place. The alerts can come to you via texts on your smartphone. You don’t have to go to the door; you don’t even have to be at home at the time.

3) Set Up Motion Sensing Lighting Around Your Property

Another way to eradicate the element of surprise that home invaders often use to gain the upper hand in a robbery is to shed light upon the situation. Installing motion-triggered flood lights near the front and back doors can deter thieves who like to operate under the cover of darkness. To them, the lights could mean that you’ve spotted them and are ready to offer a counter-attack. The automated lights also draw attention to a home invader and their tools enabling them to be seen by any neighbors who may be enjoying the outdoors or by law enforcement officers who cruise the streets routinely.


4) Plant Decorative, Thorny Hedges

We know that plants are powerful healers when it comes to our diets, but they can also offer some effective protection against intruders. Advice from Britain’s Metropolitan police suggests that:

One of the best ways to keep thieves out is to use nature’s own defenses.

There are many attractive shrubs that also contain thorns. For instance, smart landscaping that includes the Pyracantha shrub can offer a dense hedge of thick, painful thorns for any burglar who may want to force entry to a first-floor window. The plant remains decorative-looking with pretty white flowers and vibrant red berries during the summer.

5) Invest in a Monitored Home Security System

Comprehensive home defense strategies always include a professionally monitored home security system. This type of system connects the home’s indoor and outdoor security cameras and strategically placed motion detectors at doors and windows to an alarm system that is watched 24 hours a day. These systems give you the option to deal with innocuous security incidents on your own or have the authorities immediately dispatched for serious situations.

Final Thoughts

There’s nothing like the peace of mind that comes from a completely safeguarded home. If you’re concerned that your castle isn’t properly defended against intruders, let Protect America put its years of security expertise to work for you. Give us a call today for a free home security evaluation.