With the rise in crime statistics, home security is an increasing concern. Home and business owners around the U.S. and the world prioritize upgrading to ever more effective methods of protecting their families, employees and properties. And, security products companies everywhere are making good products to help, including door security bars, a security essential for homes and businesses. All responsible property and business owners agree, it’s got to be “Safety first!” The problem can be simply figuring out which of the many choices is best for a particular building or use. Below are the choices of security bars that we recommend for their effectiveness, ease of use, and best overall value to enhance a home security system.


Why Doors Should Have Security Bars

Law enforcement agencies agree that all homes should have the security fundamentals, ideally including monitored home security, or at minimum: durable doors and windows, secure locks on all doors and windows, an adequate alarm system, and a door security bar on each exterior door especially on highly vulnerable easy-to-lift sliding glass doors with poor locks.

Door jammers are very effective to secure doors. This simplest kind of security equipment is easy to use, and they’re available in a number of configurations that work well on any door. Here are our top selections of door security bars from the most well-known brands.

1. Master Lock—Dual Function Door Security Bar

This durable security bar is an excellent choice for high quality at a low price. This security bar features:

  • Adjustable height from slightly above 27″, which fits most standard hinged and sliding doors.
  • 20-gauge steel, a pivoting ball joint and padded grip to prevent the foot of the bar from slipping.
  • Weighs less than a pound, but withstands to 350 lbs. of force.
  • Features a yoke that prevents damage to door handles.

2. Door Jammer—Portable Security Device

This one is a lightweight, highly durable, yet compact model, great for keeping hotel, dorm room, or other interior doors secure while traveling.

  • Fits under doors and conveniently unlocks by pulling upward.
  • Horizontal force converts to vertical force, which pushes the bar down even more securely.
  • Unique system of angles and hinging.
  • Neoprene foot adjusts to extend as needed, only 0.3″ clearance required. Ideal for doors with high thresholds.

NOTE: Requires space (less than a quarter inch) under door, which most interior doors have, but exterior doors normally do not.

3. Brinks—Door Security Bar

The Brinks security bar is especially strong and secure, highly durable, but lightweight. It has:

  • 20-gauge steel tube that withstands up to 300-pound force.
  • Dual-function security bar for use on conventional doors or sliding glass doors.
  • Adjusts from 25″ to 43″.
  • Adjustable length bar and swivel foot, for use on various door configurations.

4. Cocoweb—PortBlock Dual Function Door Security Bar

For a very versatile door jammer, this one easily adjusts for use on traditional doors or sliding doors. It’s highly durable and convenient to use. Its features include:

  • 20-gauge steel construction that withstand over 350 pounds of force.
  • Unique range of 40 height settings, each just 1/4″ apart, for extra-tight fit.
  • A ball joint that pivots to re-angle the bar, for stronger reinforcement.

NOTE: Sold in two packs.

5. Travelers—Security Lock

Very lightweight, but durable door security bar, ideal for travel use. Keeps sleeping quarter’s safe in hotels, dorm rooms.

  • Aircraft-quality aluminum, weighs less than one half pound.
  • Fits most right and left-hand doors.
  • Fits door frame tightly, to prevent crowbar or credit card use for entry.
  • Comes with leather carrying case that fits in a clothes pocket.

NOTE: Made in the U.S. Not for door with more than a quarter inch gap between the door and frame. Only good for use on the inside of a door that opens toward the user.


Essential Home Security Measures

Door security jammers are very useful to improve security. Of course, there are other basic security measures that should be used in conjunction with door security bars, to keep homes and offices secure, including:

  • Solid Core Doors — For durability and resistance against breaking in the door.
  • First Quality Locks — Grade 1 locks, per ANSI ratings, for increased difficulty picking the lock.
  • Reinforced Frame and Hinges — To ensure against weakness at exterior entry points.
  • Motion Sensor Lights — As a deterrent to discourage criminals from approaching your home.
  • Alarm System — As a deterrent, and as an alert in the event of unauthorized entry.

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