One of the benefits of a security system that many homeowners don’t think about is the insurance discount. While not every insurance company gives a deduction for a monitored alarm system, many companies do offer one. It’s generally around 10 percent — and while that might not seem like much it can really add up over time. Since having insurance on a home can add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year, there can be significant annual savings from having an alarm system in place. Not to mention the peace of mind that comes along with it, as well.


Choose the Right Insurance Company

The best insurance company will be one that provides a good discount for a monitored alarm service. Any homeowner who wants to have an alarm will want to have an insurance company that sees the value of that service. It’s not every insurance company that gives discounts, so asking around is important. For many homeowners, the opportunity to just use their current insurance company will be available. Others will have to decide whether they want to change companies to get the discount, and whether the new company offers a price that is fair and reasonable. For the right price and the discount, switching insurance companies can be well worth the time it takes.

Choose the Right Alarm Company

It’s not just the insurance company, but the alarm company that has to be the right one, as well. A good alarm company will offer a quality product and will make sure to help the homeowner find discounts on their insurance, as well. Generally, there is only one discount. It’s specifically tied to having a monitored alarm system, and designed to ensure that anyone who is working to safeguard their home in that way can see savings on their annual insurance bill. The right alarm company should also offer:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • customer support
  • easy installation
  • a fair price
  • good equipment
  • reliable service

With all of those things going for it plus the insurance discount being offered, it’s possible to work with a home security company that any homeowner can appreciate and be happy with.


Make Sure the Benefits Outweigh the Cost

The benefits of an alarm company need to outweigh the costs. There’s a fee for monitoring, and a contract is usually required. But a homeowner who has these things is essentially paying for peace of mind. With the insurance discount they can pay just a little bit less for that peace of mind, and that can make having an alarm system even more worthwhile.

The right combination of insurance company and monitored security company is a great way to feel comfortable and safe at home.

It’s something that money really can’t buy, and it’s well worth having no matter how many people are in the family or where the homeowner lives.

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