Home protection refers to any plan or equipment that provides security to a residence. There are many ways to go about home protection but one of the most common is a home security system that includes a monitoring plan. Interested customers can also buy a wide arrange of products that don’t require a monthly monitoring fee or contract, like door jambs or motion activated lights.

Home Protection: Basic Overview

A comprehensive home protection plan will involve substantial planning and research. It’s important for home owners to know the type of crime most likely to impact their neighborhood. A substantial number of home invasions are basic smash-and-grab jobs that can be difficult to defend. In a situation like this, damage will occur to your home. One decent way to prevent criminals from actually entering your home is a door jamb. This simple device is basically a brace between your frame and front door. Many door jambs can withstand police battering rams so a criminal almost certainly won’t get through.

Alarm systems can play a vital role in a complete home protection plan. Many homeowners like collecting evidence of crimes against their property. A wireless home security system with interactive surveillance cameras can be start recording the moment anyone approaches your front door. If an alarm is sounded, authorities will be notified and you’ll receive a text or email about an event at your home.

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Protect America Home Protection Warranty

Customers that order a monitoring solution from Protect America will receive a wireless home security system at no upfront cost. Simply pay your monthly fee and the equipment is yours. Protect America only uses state-of-the-art Security equipment that is guaranteed to work for the life of your contract. If a part breaks, Protect America replaces it. It’s just that easy.