When someone lives near railroad tracks or a station, they will want to take the necessary steps in protecting their home completely. Since people use the rail system to travel, it is unknown who may get off at a stop to wander through a neighborhood. The thought of strangers being able to rob a home and get a swift ride away on a train is a concern. Here are some points to keep in mind when dealing with security when a home is near a railroad system.

“You can never be too prepared.”

Try some of the following tactics to keep on top of a home’s security when the chance of robbery is increased due to a railway system being nearby:

  • Use Signs
  • Know Schedules
  • Get Monitoring


Use Signs Indicating Security Is Present

It is wise to use security system signs on a property to alert those in the area that a home is being monitored. Even if a home is not protected with an alarm or security system, signs can be beneficial. Those in the area will think twice about trying to gain entry if they fear there is a chance of getting caught. Signs should be prominently displayed at the perimeter of the property as well as near doors or windows so they are seen. Some people find that placing a “beware of dog” sign on their property is also useful in keeping intruders from getting too close to their home.

Be Alert Of Train Schedules

Knowing the schedules that the trains utilize can be beneficial in knowing when someone may be near a home. Most train stations will have this information ready for the public to look at when desired, whether online or listed on their property. Knowing when trains are arriving will help in preparing to secure the home at hours when more people may be wandering around the area. It is also a good idea to know where trains are coming from, so if a robbery does occur, the perpetrator may be able to be tracked down by calling the local law enforcement in that area.


Consider Using Monitored System

A monitored alarm system is the best way to keep track of a home at all hours. These systems can be installed by a professional, or in some instances, by the homeowner themselves. The home will then be monitored around the clock for any sign of a break-in. If there is a breach in security, the proper authorities will be notified, perhaps thwarting the theft as it occurs. This will make it more likely the robber is caught.

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