Thanksgiving is almost here! These home safety tips will keep you cooking this season. You’re eagerly awaiting the moment you need to throw the turkey in the oven and mash some potatoes before your guests start to arrive. This is a season to celebrate and enjoy the company of your loved ones. However, it is also important to take safety into consideration over the holiday weekend. There are some measures you can take to prepare ahead of time, as well as things to keep in mind the day of the big meal. Here’s a list of some safety tips to remember:

1. Home Safety Tip: Keep the Floors Clean

Before the family shows up on your doorstep, be sure you home or apartment is clean. The floors are especially important as you’ll be dashing about to finish preparing the meal. Pick up toys or objects from the ground and store them away. The kitchen should be a clean floor zone so that you don’t have to watch your step when working with a knife, the stove or the oven.

2. Home Safety Tip: Stay in the Kitchen

As family and friends arrive, you may be tempted to wander into the living room to catch up. However, if your gravy is simmering over a flame, you’re creating a hazard. Invite company into the kitchen to chat, just be sure they leave an open perimeter around the stove so you don’t start bumping into people. In fact, insist they pick up a pot and start helping. If you do have to leave the stove for some reason, grab another person to watch it so the kitchen is constantly supervised.

3. Home Safety Tip: Replace Batteries on the Smoke Detector

Check to see that your smoke detector has working batteries. If the bread loaves start to burn, you want to be warned before the fire spreads. Replace the batteries if necessary. Alarm monitoring is another tool that can be used to keep your home safe. Monitored smoke detectors alert the fire department when they go off. You might be outside playing football when something goes wrong in the kitchen. If your system is monitored, your home is under protection.

4. Home Safety Tip: Remove Bacteria from Countertops

Wash your hands and the counters before you start cooking. This prevents germs and bacteria from getting into your food. You should never prepare food on a cutting board that has been exposed to raw meat. Grab a clean board to chop veggies and keep the meat separate. As a general rule, raw and cooked foods should never come in contact. Wash your produce before using it and clean the kitchen as you cook.

5. Home Safety Tip: Wear Tight Clothes while Cooking in your Kitchen

While your flowing sweater is a cute piece in your wardrobe, it’s not appropriate to wear when preparing food. You’ll have burners going that can potentially catch loose-fitting clothing on fire. Avoid this hazard altogether by wearing tight clothes or short sleeves. Keep the sweater in the other room until all the cooking is done.

6. Home Safety Tip: Don’t Decorate the Kitchen

Keep turkey-themed garlands and other collectibles out of the kitchen. The dining and living rooms are fine for festive decor, but hanging these things in the kitchen might be a potential fire hazard. Avoid this danger by leaving the area barren free of decorations.


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Celebrate Thanksgiving safely with these tips.